Postdoctoral Researcher Position at the CBGP (UPM-INIA/CSIC) at (CBGP-Severo Ochoa Centre of Excellence Research Programme) Project Title: Deciphering the function of plant cell wall integrity and wall derived glycans in plant-microbe interactions for enhancing sustainable crop disease resistance (WALLADAPT)

Position Reference: PLANTADAPT_03_WALLADAPT 1. Researcher Profile: Postdoctoral: Recognized Researcher (R2) or Established Researcher (R3) Type of Contract: Temporary contract of 36 months . Preferred starting date: July – September 2022. PI / Supervisor: Andrea Sánchez Vallet. Co PI / Supervisor (if any): Antonio Molina Fernández.

Offer Details (Main Responsibilities):

We are seeking for a postdoctoral researcher to work in a multidisciplinary project at the CBGP. The objective of the research work is to determine the role of the plant cell wall in fungal-plant interactions. The work will be focused on wheat- Zymoseptoria tritici interactions and will aim to determine the role of fungal cell wall degrading enzymes and cell wall signaling in plant infection and colonization.

The candidate will be involved in designing and performing the experiments, data analysis and manuscript preparation/ Offer Keywords: Pathogen virulence, plant immunity, plant cell wall. Qualifications: PhD in plant pathology, plant biotechnology, biology, microbiology or similar

Specific Requirements & Eligibility Criteria:

• Postdoctoral researcher with minimum 2 years of experience
• Molecular biology skills
• Experience with plant pathogens and greenhouse experiments
• Good writing and communicating skills
• Proofed record of scientific publications
• Good command in English

Job Hours: Full time (37.5 hours/week)/ Salary: Gross salary: 27,500 – 32,000 € / year. Selection Process: Selection committee consisting of the project PI and the co-PIs or associated researchers in which they delegate. Deadline for Application: 06/06/2022 17:00h CET

How to Apply

Interested candidates must apply through the available online application form following the How to apply indications provided in the recruiting main page, More info: Contact: Group leader: Andrea Sánchez Vallet – Ramóny Cajal fellow Tel. 910679207 Ext:79207 / 910679207 Ext:79207 ( Lab 221 )

Group Information:

Molecular mechanisms of virulence of fungal wheat pathogens
Plant Innate Immunity and resistance to necrotrophic fungi

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