CALL FOR APPLICATION for the admission to the XXXVIII cycle PhD programs for the academic year 2022/2023

Art.1: Issuance

A public selection is issued for the ammission Research Doctoral programs for the academic year 2022/2023 – XXXVIII cycle, with established legal address at the University of Perugia (see Appendix 1, which constitutes an integral part of this Call) Admission to the Research Doctoral programs is granted through application procedures in accordance with art. 8 Ministerial Decree 226 of 14.12.2021 and of the Regulations of Research Doctoral Programs of this University, issued by Rectoral Decree no. 620 of 11.3.2022 and detailed, for each doctoral program, in the aforementioned Appendix 1.

This call is subordinate to the positive adoption by the MUR of the accreditation decree. The effectiveness of the selections carried out under this call is subject to the accreditation by the MUR of the related doctoral courses. The assignment of the scholarships under DD.MM. 351 and 352 of 9.04.2022, as reported in Appendix 1 herein, is subordinate to the admission to the financing of the project proposals by the MUR. The assignment of the scholarships financed by third parties, as reported in Appendix 1 herein, is subordinate to the completion of the loan itself.

Art.2: Admission requirements

To be able to apply for the selection procedures specified in the previous article, regardless of their citizenship, candidates must meet one of the following conditions:
• by the expiration date of the present Call have either a Master’s Degree (‘Laurea Magistrale’), obtained in accordance with Ministerial Decree 270/2004, a Specialization Degree (‘Laurea specialistica’) in accordance with Ministerial Decree 509/1999 or a University Degree (‘Laurea Vecchio Ordinamento’) obtained in accordance with the regulations applicable before the aforementioned Ministerial Decree 509/1999, awarded by an Italian University, in compliance with the specifications, for each doctoral program, reported in Appendix 1 of the present Call pertaining to the acceptable degrees required for admission;

• by the expiration date of the present Call, have an equivalent academic qualification obtained abroad, equivalent to those required for each course as indicated in Appendix 1, to be presented together with the required appropriate documentation and along with the application to the present Call and that is to be declared equivalent, with motivated and documented deliberation by the examining Selection Committee upon the candidate’s request.

The equivalence of the foreign qualification, which is to be considered valid for the sole purpose of the admission selection, is admitted in compliance with the specific regulating norms in Italy and in the country where the qualification has been issued and according to the treaties or international agreements for the recognition of academic degrees for study purposes. Candidates with foreign academic qualifications must submit their documents as indicated in art.3, which also sets the deadline within which the aforementioned documentation must be produced;

• Obtain the required title for the admission to the present Call by the final deadline of September 19, 2022 (art 8 c. 2 D.M. 226/2021), date of enrollment in the PhD course. In this case, candidates will be admitted provisionally and the required documents must be mandatorily submitted by the aforementioned date in order to lift the reservation. Failure to comply will result in exclusion from the

Art.3: Admission application

Candidates must submit their application in accordance with the instructions set in Appendix 2, pre-emptively printing and duly filling out the application form – Annex A to the present Call – and, in case the required study degree has been obtained abroad and must therefore be recognized as equivalent, the pertinent form to request the equivalency – Annex A1 to the present Call. To submit titles for evaluation, candidates must print and fill out Annex B; whereas to submit their curriculum vitae (resume), candidates must fill out and submit Annex C.

The application form, together with all the documentation specified below, must be exclusively submitted in accordance with the procedures detailed in Appendix 2, within and not later than 12:00 am of June 27,2022, under penalty of exclusion. All candidates who have submitted their application in accordance with the procedures detailed in Appendix 2 are to be provisionally admitted to the selection, until background checks on the candidates’ possession of the requisites, as required in the Call, are performed.

Therefore, this Administration maintains the authority to exclude any candidate from the selection procedures at any time, following the aforementioned verification procedures. Furthermore, this Administration will automatically proceed to verify the legitimacy of the candidates’ Self-Certification Statements (Dichiarazioni sostitutive di certificazione).

Should the candidate wish to apply for more than one doctoral program, he/she must submit a separate application for each program, as well as submit, for each application, the required documentation. Please, be advised that it might not be possible to participate in all of the chosen selections, due to the fact that examination dates may overlap. Should this be the case, please note that the payment made as a contribution for participation will not be reimbursed under any circumstances whatsoever. Payment of € 20,00, as a “contributo di partecipazione” (contribution for participation) must be made using the method indicated in Appendix 2.

This payment will not be reimbursed under any circumstances whatsoever. Payment of the contribution is required under penalty of exclusion from the selection process. In the application (Annex A), the candidate applying for participation in the selection procedures must declare the following, under his/her own responsibility and in accordance with articles 46 and 47 of D.P.R. 445/2000:

  1. His/her personal data, such as full name, date and place of birth, residence and mailing address for the purposes of this Call (specifying the postcode/zip code) as well as his/her telephone number, email address or PEC certified email address; candidates specifically commit to immediately inform this Administration of any changes to the aforementioned information. Foreign candidates from within or outside of the European Community are required to provide an Italian address or that of their pertinent Embassy in Italy, if this is to be considered as their selected domicile
  2. indication of the exact name of the doctoral course for which the candidate is applying for participation in the selection for admission to the chosen program
  3. His/her citizenship;
  4. To possess an adequate knowledge of the Italian language (only for foreign EU or non-EU citizens in the event that sitting for the selection tests in a language different from Italian is not allowed, in accordance with the regulations in Appendix 1);
  5. The candidate’s degree awarded, Master’s degree (‘Laurea Specialistica’) in accordance with the ministerial decree D.M. 509/1999, Master’s degree (‘Laurea Magistrale’) in accordance with the ministerial decree D.M. 270/2004, o University diploma (‘Laurea Vecchio ordinamento’) obtained in accordance with regulations in place before the ministerial decree D.M. 509/1999, came into force, required for admission in accordance with art.2 of this Call and better specified for each doctoral course in Appendix 1, along with the date when the degree was awarded and the name of the awarding University as well as the final mark, or the indication that the degree will be awarded by
    September 19,2022, or the degree for which the equivalency is being requested, if awarded by a foreign university;
  6. The foreign language to be tested during the language test (only for applications for PhD programs that allow the candidate to choose among several foreign languages, as specified in Appendix 1);
  7. The foreign language (not Italian) in which the candidate wishes to take the selection tests (applicable only for those who apply for Doctoral Programs for which it is possible to take the tests in a foreign language, as specified in Appendix 1);
  8. Any request to take the interview via videoconference, (request likely to be accepted at the discretion of the Commission of selection, in consideration of the reasons given);
  9. (only for those shown to be eligible for the reserved places) to possess the requisites of eligibility for a reserved place, therefore indicating the relevant requirements for the allocation of the aforementioned position, as indicated in Appendix 1 (e.g. position reserved for candidates who have graduated from foreign universities, position reserved to employees of businesses engaged in superior training activities (industrial PhD);
  10. Whether or not he/she possesses an officially recognized disability or Specific Learning Disability. Candidates with a recognized disability, in accordance with Law 104/1992 and subsequent modifications and integrations. Candidates who, with reference to their disability, require specific equipment or aids during the test, as well as candidates affected by specific learning disabilities according to Law 170/2010, must specify, in their applications, under penalty of forfeiture of the requested aids, the type of disability by which they are affected as well as the specific required aid, also by attaching, whether in original or notarized copy, suitable documentation stating the
    official recognition of the disability by the official authorities in charge. Candidates with
    certified Specific Learning Disabilities are granted a 30% additional time when taking the
    admission tests;
  11. To authorize, should this Administration receive a motivated request to access official documents relating to the procedure and the candidate is the person against whom this request is made, the digital transmission, via email to the email address specified in the application, in accordance with art. 3 of the D.P.R. 184/2006, of the copy of the request to access the pertinent information withstanding the possibility to challenge, with a rightful motivation, this request, also via digital transmission, within ten days after the request has been received.
  12. To accept all terms and conditions in this Call. To avoid exclusion, the application (Annex A) must be signed (handwritten signature). All applications (Annex A) must include, in accordance with the procedures specified in Appendix 2:
  13. Annex B signed with handwritten signature, under penalty of exclusion
  14. Annex C signed with handwritten signature, under penalty of exclusion

the following documents:
1) The photocopy of an identity document (mandatorily required in accordance with articles 46 and 47 of D.P.R. 445/2000);
2) Candidate’s Academic Degree as follows:

For those candidates who have been awarded a degree in Italy: Copy of the degree which has been declared equivalent to the original by filling in Annex B, in accordance with articles 19 and 47 as per D.P.R. 445/2000, or selfcertified by means of a Self-Certification Statement, using Annex B, in accordance with art. 46, D.P.R. 445/2000, certifying the candidate’s degree as required in accordance with art. 2 of this Call and detailed, for each doctoral course, in Appendix 1, as a requisite for admission (for those candidates who have been awarded a degree by the University of Perugia, please note that this self-certification can be directly downloaded from the students’ portal by logging into the candidate’s private area);

for candidates with a foreign degree:

the diploma in original or authenticated copy, accompanied by its official and legalized (where necessary) translation in Italian and alternatively: “the certificate of comparability of the foreign degree issued by CIMEA-NARIC ITALIA”, as well as all documents useful in allowing the interested evaluation
Commission to make a declaration of equivalency (see N.B. below) or “dichiarazione di valore” (declaration of value) issued by the competent Italian diplomatic representatives or consulates abroad, as well as all documents useful in allowing the interested evaluation Commission to make a declaration of
equivalency (see N.B. below).

If the abovementioned documentation is not submitted together with the application form, candidates will be provisionally admitted, provided that, should they be declared winners, the rights of matriculation will be lost due to lack of required degree if said documentation is not received by this University
by December 19, 2022 in order to ascertain the equivalences by the matriculation deadlines.

3) To avoid non-evaluation, other titles that are to be evaluated and considered for application for the admission to the selected PhD program -see Appendix 1 of this Call – (e.g. Final thesis, Academic Publications, records indicating the final marks obtained in each examination of the candidate’s Degree or of the Degree that is about to be obtained by the candidate, etc.), in order to be evaluated must be submitted as follows:

a)- certified copy of the original utilizing Annex B (solely for authorized individuals, see N.B.);
b)- self-certification of possession of the qualifications, made by utilizing Annex
B (solely for authorized individuals, see N.B.). Where the candidate intends to self-certify possession of the qualifications by way of submitting a Curriculum Vitae, it must be accompanied by a declaration
in lieu of certification or a sworn affidavit, made by utilizing Annex B, in which it must be declared “that what is stated in the Curriculum Vitae corresponds to the truth”.

The mode of presentation described in the present point b) shall not be valid for those qualifications (e.g., degree thesis and publications) which presuppose, for the purposes of their evaluation, the reading of their respective contents and, therefore, such qualifications must be produced as provided by the preceding point a) c)- for degrees or titles in a language other than Italian, French, English, German,
Spanish or Portuguese, or additional languages possibly specified in Appendix 1, an Italian translation declared to be equivalent to the foreign document must be submitted and certified by a diplomatic representative or consulate, or by an official translator or, where this is permitted (see N.B.), translated by the candidate and declared to be equivalent to the original document by using a Self-Certification Statement, in accordance with art. 47 of D.P.R. no. 445/2000, using Annex B.

Please be reminded that, should the selected PhD program require it, candidates must produce a RESEARCH PROJECT, in accordance with Appendix 1, in doing so, they are required to carefully follow the specific guidelines for RESEARCH PROJECTS indicated in the aforementioned Appendix 1. Publications can be submitted for evaluation (including printed excerpts), provided that they are submitted by following the instructions in this document.

Publications printed, in Italy before 2.9.2006 (when Regulations as per D.P.R. no. 252/2006 were determined), had to be made following the instructions as per Decree “Luogotenenziale” no. 660/1945; if printed in Italy after this date, the legal deposit will have had to be made as per D.P.R. no. 252 issued on 3.5.2006.

In accordance with art. 15 of Law 183/2011, Public Administrations cannot accept certificates issued by other Public Administrations. References cannot be made to documents or publications that have been already presented to this or other administrations or to documents attached to other applications
for other competitions. All Applications and documents that are not submitted within the deadlines and in accordance with the procedures specified in this call will not be considered.

Further requests for specific information or clarification inquiries regarding submission procedures can be submitted to the Ufficio Concorsi (nn. 075/5852045 .
This University Administration assumes no responsibility and shall not be liable in case contact is not possible between the parties (whether for the impossibility to reach the candidate, wrong address or failure on the candidate’s part to timely inform this university of any changes in his/her address or contact information).

Furthermore, this Administration shall not be liable and assumes no responsibility for other issues that may arise in the transmission of the application, in accordance with the procedures detailed in Appendix 2. (N.B.): Considering that Annex A and B include self-declared and self-certified statements, as per articles 46 and 47 of D.P.R. 445/2000, please note that Self-Certification Statements, in accordance with art. 46 of D.P.R. 445/2000 (with which personal status, qualities and the listed facts, in strict accordance to art. 46, can be declared) as well as Self-declared Affidavits in accordance with art. 47 of D.P.R. 445/2000 (with which personal status, qualities and facts that the candidates are aware of can be declared, as well as the conformity of the photocopy with the original of a document, a publication, an academic degree, or a service certificate) can be validly submitted in accordance with art. 3 of D.P.R. 445/2000, by Italian citizens and by citizens of the European Union; citizens of Countries outside of the European Union legally residing in Italy can use Self-Certification Statements and Self-Declared Affidavits in accordance with articles. 46 and 47 limitedly to personal status, qualities and certifiable (or verifiable by Italian public officials) facts, provided that the laws or regulations regarding immigration and the condition of the foreigner do not state otherwise, and also that the use of the Self-certification Statements and Self-Declared Affidavits be authorized through international agreements between Italy and the country of origin and within the limits and terms of these conditions.

Self-Certification Statements and Self-Declared Affidavits are considered validly submitted if they are signed by the candidate in front of the appointed clerk, or if they are signed and submitted along with a standard photocopy of the candidate’s form of identification, in accordance with art. 38, paragraph 3, of D.P.R. 445/2000, in order to be valid and effective (a sample model of these types of declarations is attached: see AnnexB).

This Administration must perform adequate checks (also randomly) and in all doubtful cases regarding the truthfulness of the presented Self-certification Statements and declarations, as per articles. 46 and 47 of D.P.R. no. 445/2000. Should the aforementioned checks reveal untruthfulness of the contents reported in the statements and declarations, the candidate will lose any benefit obtained on the basis of these statements and declarations, in accordance with art. 75 of D.P.R. 445/2000 and under the conditions
specified in art. 76 of the same D.P.R..

Art.4: Evaluation procedures

To guarantee a proper evaluation of each applicant, the selection procedures will be performed according to one of the guidelines specified in art.16 of the Regulations of Research Doctoral Programs of this University, and, more specifically, for each doctoral program, according to the specifications detailed in Appendix 1 of this Call, that candidates are invited to read carefully.
In general, please note that: the minimum passing grades (if applicable) that the candidate must obtain upon the selection tests to pass them are specified in Appendix 1; the minimum total grade that the candidate must obtain in order to be eligibile (namely the grand total of the grades obtained for evaluation of qualifications and selection tests) is indicated in Appendix 1;

The appointed Committee, during its initial meeting, will identify and specify in the official written report the criteria and marking system that is to be used to evaluate thecandidates’ qualifications and selection tests. Qualifications will be evaluated by the Committee before the taking place of the selection tests; if a minimum grade is required to be admitted to the course with reference to the evaluation of qualifications, the pertinent score will be posted before selection tests takes place; if a minimum mark is not required on the evaluation of qualifications, each candidate will be informed about the score he/she has obtained on their qualifications during the interview;

Such notice shall have the value of a formal convocation and personal communications in this regard will not be sent.Failure to attend or failure to connect by the candidate in case of online procedure on
the day and time of the examination will be considered equivalent to an implicit withdrawal from the competition, regardless of the motivation. To be allowed to take the examination, candidates must carry one of the following forms of identity document: identity card, passport, driver’s license, nautical license, pension book, thermal management system operating license, firearms license, other ID cards provided that they show a photograph and a seal (or other equivalent validation form) and have been issued by a governmental administration.

The above documents must be valid and not expired. If a candidate presents an expired identity document, his/her personal status, qualities and the facts listed in it can still be proved by presenting the document as long as the candidate signs a photocopy of it, declaring that the information in the ID has not changed since its date of issue.

Art.5: Selection Committees

The Committees for the selection of the applications for admission to the research doctorates will be formed and appointed in compliance with art. 15 of the Regulations of Research Doctorate Programs of this University. The aforementioned Committees are required to timely complete their work in order to
allow for the approval of the pertinent acts within September 15, 2022.

Art.6: Admission to courses

After the admission procedures have been completed, the procedures are to be approved with a formal provision by the Rector. Candidates will be admitted to the courses in accordance with their position in the merit list ranking, up to the maximum number of available positions for each doctoral program. In case of a draw, the younger candidate will be admitted. With reference to places reserved for candidates in possession of the predetermined requisites (e.g. candidates holding degrees from foreign universities), such places shall be assigned to the candidates in possession of the requisite qualifications occupying an eligible position on the merit list.

In case a candidate is eligible in more than one list, when enrolling the same candidate must opt for one doctoral program only. In case a candidate has applied for a doctoral program structured in curriculum, when enrolling he/she must opt for only one program/curriculum. In the case of provision of differentiated tests for the assignment of reserved scholarships, a merit ranking will be drawn up distinctly from the general merit ranking. Any unassigned reserved scholarships will be assigned to suitable candidates in the general admission ranking to the same doctoral course, pursuant to art. 17, paragraph 4, of the University Regulations for PhD courses.

Personal communications will not be sent and therefore all candidates found eligible for admission are responsible for consulting daily the website. In case of withdrawal or late enrollment of an admitted candidate within above deadline, another eligible candidate shall take that place in accordance with the order of ranking. Scrolling of the ranking will be possible no later than 31 December 2022 The instructions pertaining to scholarships and contributions for admission and attendance to courses are detailed in Appendix 3 of the present Call for applications.

Art. 7: Rights and obligations of doctoral students and potential reasons for exclusion

As for the rights and obligations of doctoral students and the possible reasons for exclusion, please see art. 19 and 20 of the Regulations of Research Doctoral programs of the University of Perugia.

Art.8: Awarding of the title

The title of PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) is conferred by the Rector, as established in the Regulations of Research Doctoral programs of the University of Perugia.

Art. 9: Return of the documentation submitted together with the application

The candidates can request, four months after the decree stating the approval of the competition procedures has been published on the University public online bulletin board (the deferral period for judicial Terms is not to be considered) and within the following two months, that their documentation be given back.

The documentation will be returned within the aforementioned deadlines, and provided that no litigations be in progress, directly to the applicant or to authorized proxy. After these deadlines, the University will not be accountable for the conservation and return of the aforementioned documentation.

Art.10: Personal data processing

All personal data provided by the candidates will be collected by the University of Perugia,
for the purposes of this selection. Statements given as per art. 13 of the EU Regulation
2016/679 – General Regulations on Data Protection.

Art. 11: Appointed official in charge of the procedures

The appointed official in charge of the procedures relating to this decree is Patrizia Aglietti -tel. 075/585 – 2045. Applications deadline: 27/06/2022


(Procedure active from 27th of May 2022 at 8:00 pm Italian time until 27th June 2022 at 12 am Italian time)
IF YOU HAVE BEEN A STUDENT AT THIS UNIVERSITY, you can submit your application for admission in the PhD program online, by using the same credentials you had as a student (username/password):


Errata corrige Appendix 1

  • Art. 13: Final provisions

For anything not included in the present Call, please see the rules and regulations for research Doctorates as well as the Regulations pertaining the Courses for Research Doctorates of the University of Perugia, issued with D.R. no.620 of 11.3.2022.

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