Task Description:

Within the project “Formation of a network to develop an animal welfare concept considering sensory perception of cows exploring innovative husbandry and management solutions for dairy cows and their offspring (IGG)† (granted by the BLE; Grant No. 28N303901), the job holder should design, implement and establish appropriate data infrastructure and data management at the location of the FBN.

During the project period innovative dairy cattle barns will be built, which will contain a variety of different technical systems (e.g., positioning systems). The various generated data should be checked for plausibility and be stored in a database. In addition, the data should be linked, visualized and made accessible to the project partners through an own website.


The applicant must have a university degree (M.Sc.-level) in informatics or bioinformatics. The applicant has an extensive programming experience (various programming languages, conception and creation of databases desired) and the willingness to work with various kind of data formats as well as applying data standards (FAIR principles). Team work as well as interdisciplinary work, but also reliable and independent work are required.

Applicants must understand and express themselves in both English and German (oral and written). Additionally, a high level of communication ability is essential.
For more information please see https://www.fbn-dummerstorf.de/fileadmin/media/PDF-Stellen/FBN-A-2022-03-de.pdf.
Nina Melzer
Research Institute for Farm Animal Biology

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