The BBV laboratory (EA2106) at the University of Tours studies the specialized metabolism of plants by combining transcriptomic and metabolomic approaches. Beyond elucidating the biosynthetic pathways of specialized metabolites, our goal is to develop alternative sources of synthesis and supply of natural plant products through the creation of microbial factory cells.

Our laboratory has all the infrastructure and equipment (computer center access, LC-MS/MS, bioreactors, confocal microscope) to carry out effective research. We also have multiple funding from the European research program H2020, the national research agency (ANR) and regional research programs. A more precise description of our activities is available at the following addresses. As part of this project, you will work in collaboration with Vincent Courdavault and Sebastien Besseau.

The recruited candidate will join a research project funded by the Center Val de Loire Region and focusing on the development of a metabolic engineering approach for the bioproduction of natural plant products targeting lignans more specifically. . She/he will ensure the transfer of plant biosynthetic pathway genes into yeast to create factory cells that produce these compounds.

She/he will be involved in optimizing production by adjusting the balance of transferred gene copies or by overexpressing genes encoding cofactor regeneration enzymes. In addition, the candidate will have the mission to participate in the identification of catalytically more active enzymes by screening candidate genes that have been previously identified in other species producing the lignans of interest. She/he will also participate in the larger volume culture of yeasts in bioreactors. Finally, she/he will benefit from the expertise of several teacher-researchers and contractual researchers specializing in specialized metabolisms and metabolic engineering in yeast.

What we offer:

We offer an 18-month research engineer contract open from June 2022. Net salary 27,000 to 28,000 euros net per year

The desired profile:

  • PhD in plant and/or yeast molecular biology
  • Very good skills in molecular biology and microbial cultures
  • Team spirit and spirit of initiative
  • Good reaction skills (activity report, articles)

How to apply:

Send your detailed CV (including your publications) as well as a letter of motivation and two letters of recommendation from supervisors to and

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