UNIVR is now accepting applications for the Call for admission for the awarding of 45 PhD scholarships PNRR DD. MM. 351 352 of 09.04.2022, XXXVIII cycle, academic year 2022-2023. PhD programmes begin on 1st October 2022 and last at least three years, except for the PhD Programme in Economics and Finance whose duration is four years.

To apply for admission to Ph.D. Programmes, candidates (regardless of age or nationality) must be in possession of either a “Laurea Specialistica/Magistrale” or a “Laurea” Degree (Old System Ante Reform no. 509/1999) released by an Italian University. Also candidates with a foreign Master’s Degree (Master of Science or Master of Arts) or an equivalent Master of Science-level degree that in their country grants access to Ph.D. Programmes, are entitled to apply. Applications must be submitted electronically, from 13 June 2022 until 12.00 (midday) of 8 July 2022 (Italian local time)

PhD study aims to allow students to develop their academic research skills; PhD programmes include the use of new technologies and spending periods of education and work experience at public or private bodies in Italy and abroad.

In order to enter a PhD programme, candidates must pass a public competition regulated by a specific Call for Applications. The competition is open to applicants who hold a Laurea Magistrale /Specialistica or a foreign Master’s Degree (Master of Science or Master of Arts) recognized as equivalent to the previously mentioned Italian degrees and which would permit access to a PhD programme in the country where it was gained.

Call for Applications to PhD programmes A.Y. 2022/2023 – XXXVIII cycle:

Call for applications for admission to PhD Programmes and for the awarding of no. 45 scholarships PNRR DD. MM. 351 352 of 09.04.2022.

ATTENTION: New selection procedure based on the resources of the PNRR, DD.MM. 351 and 352 aimed at awarding additional scholarships to the positions announced with the ordinary call expired on 8 June 2022.

Applicants interested in participating in this call must, under penalty of exclusion, fill in a new application on esse3 and send the specific documentation required by attachment 1 of the PNRR call for applications. Applications that refer to documentation relating the ordinary call expired on Wednesday 8 June, including the summary of the esse3 application will not be taken into consideration.

Be Aware that the ordinary Call and PNRR call refer to two distinct competition procedures with their own timing and selection methods. It is therefore advisable to carefully read the text of the Call for applications of interest and related attachments for which you are applying or you intend to apply

PhD programmes:

PhDs are the third and highest level of university education in the Italian academic system, in which the aim is for students to develop high-level independent academic research skills so they can confidently carry out innovative, methodologically-sound research at universities, public bodies and private entities. Completing a PhD requires students to gain 180 research training credits (CFR) over a three-year period, and to write and defend an original, extended research project (PhD thesis).

Nationality of the candidates: Any nationality:


Research Fields:

01 – Mathematical and computer sciences 02 – Physical Sciences 03 – Chemical Sciences 05 – Biological Sciences 06 – Medical Sciences 07 – Agricultural and veterinary sciences 09 – Industrial and information engineering 10 – Ancient, philological-literary and historical-artistic sciences 11 – Historical, philosophical, pedagogical and psychological sciences 13 – Economic and statistical sciences 14 – Political and social sciences

How to apply:

For further information, please visit: https://www.univr.it/it/i-nostri-servizi/dottorati-di-ricerca/accesso-al-dottorato-di-ricerca

Applications must be submitted electronically, from 13 June 2022 until 12.00 (midday) of 8 July 2022 (Italian local time) using the application form at: www.univr.it/applicationphd

Email us if you have any question: dottorati.ricerca@ateneo.univr.it

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