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We investigate the mechanisms of bacterial attraction and early colonisation of roots, in mono-associations and defined community contexts. We have acquired dedicated confocal systems for root imaging and are developing customized devices to study root-bacterial interactions.

We are now searching for a microbial (!) molecular geneticist, experienced in genetic manipulation of bacterial model species, such as Pseudomonas protegens or Bacillus subtilis. The researcher would have great autonomy.

Projects should revolve around the high-throughput generation of bacterial reporter strains and mutants for the dissection of dynamic bacterial micro-niche formation on developing root surfaces.


A postdoctoral position funded by the European Research Council is available in the group of Prof. Niko Geldner in the Department of Plant Molecular Biology. We are searching for a molecular microbiologist, interested in root-associated bacteria. The postdoctoral researcher will work on the elucidation of the molecular basis of root colonization using high resolution live-microscopy with dedicated confocal systems and custom-designed devices for tracing early stages of bacterial colonization.

We are looking for researchers with experience in genetic manipulation of bacterial model species such as Pseudomonas or Bacillus, bacterial genome analysis, microbiome profiling or work with microfluidic devices.

Job information

Expected start date in position : to be agreed

Contract length : 1 year, renewable 

Activity rate : 100%

Workplace : Lausanne-Dorigy

Your qualifications

PhD in Biology. The researcher should have several years of experience in molecular biology of microbes with an interest in microscopy and plant biology.

What the position offers you

We offer a nice working place in a multicultural, diverse and dynamic academic environment. Opportunities for professional training, a lot of activities and other benefits to discover.

Contact for further information

Prof. Niko Geldner

Your application

Deadline : 30.06.2022
Please, send your full application in Word or PDF.

If you are interested, please apply using the following link: Apply now

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