The Templeman Lab is currently recruiting a motivated M.Sc. or Ph.D. student to join our lab in September of 2022 or January of 2023. We are part of the Biology Department at the University of Victoria, on beautiful Vancouver Island.

Our research is based on understanding the signaling pathways and regulatory mechanisms that control cell maintenance, longevity, and the age-related decline in functioning of the female reproductive system. We are particularly interested in how nutrient levels determine reproductive function and health during aging. Our methods are based on genetics, physiology, cell biology, and molecular biology. We use two complementary animal models, the roundworm Caenorhabditis elegans and mice, to investigate age-related changes that span from the molecular and cellular levels to the whole body.

Interested applicants should be familiar with the entrance requirements for the University of Victoria’s Department of Biology graduate program. You are also strongly encouraged to apply for eligible internal and external graduate student scholarships, and will receive active support from the Templeman lab in these funding applications.

If you are interested in our work, you can contact us with a brief introduction that details previous research experience and your research interests. Please also include your CV, a transcript, and a list of referees. Deadline:15 August 2022

We are committed to enhancing equity and diversity in our field, and to providing a supportive and inclusive research environment for all members of our lab. We encourage prospective candidates from underrepresented or equity-seeking groups in the sciences to apply to the Templeman lab.

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