We offer a supervision of BA and MA Theses: In the research program “Precision farming in crop and livestock production” of the ATB, the working group “Water productivity in agriculture (Agrohyd)” works on the assessment of water use in agricultural systems by improving precipitation and technical water productivity through the modeling of the effect of farming measures in crop production and livestock production.

The working group is currently working on the topic “water scarcity impact assessment” considering the contribution of agriculture and livestock water uses to water scarcity and the related potential environmental impacts resulting from deprivation of other human or ecosystem water users, including sup¬ply chain water consumption. At least two water scarcity assessment methods are being applied in a case study, in Brazil, in a study area where 115 farms are located, focusing on the regionalization of water scarcity factors.

We offer two proposals of study:

•       a “literature review” about the methods (and uncertainties associated) for water scarcity assessment and its potential impacts considering the water consumed by livestock activities focused on studies developed in Brazil and Germany;

•       an “empirical study” focused on the regionalization of the characterization factor (CF) used in the AWARE method to assess water scarcity in a watershed located in Germany including a literature review of the method and a discussion about its application taking into account the agriculture and livestock water demands. The BA or MA theses should be done preferable at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU Berlin).


Katrin Drastig
Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy

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