Agrifood and environment are emerging sectors for applications of artificial intelligence (AI). Precision agriculture (also named cognitive or digital) is based on “big data”, often collected via drones or satellites, to supply adequate decision support systems (DSS) allowing farmers to boost productivity, optimize resource use efficiency, and improve the quality of resources.

For example, AI technologies are applied to plant and animal genotyping and phenotyping for the selection of organisms “climate-ready”, stress-resilient, and producing sustainably.

Successful candidates will receive a scholarship (including social security contributions) and additional research funding as specified in the “Scholarship” section of this call. Courses will begin on November 2, 2022.

No fees or contributions are required to enroll in the doctoral program. Successful candidates are only required to pay the annual regional tax throughout the duration of the course. Admissions to the SSM Doctoral Programs are based on a public competitive exam of all the candidates consisting of an evaluation of the documents submitted by the applicant and, for the shortlisted candidates, an oral interview.

The SSM Doctoral Programs combine coursework and research activities. Coursework is generally concentrated in the first year. It is designed to broaden the doctoral students’ knowledge and to prepare them for research, with the aim of obtaining a high level of specialization in a specific scientific area and the capacity to pursue independent research.

Doctoral students will carry out their studies in accordance with annually approved plans. They must spend at least two semesters of study and research in highly qualified foreign universities or scientific institutions. While spending time at an institution abroad, students will receive a 50% increase of their standard scholarship. At the end of the Doctoral Program, providing that all due obligations have been fulfilled, and after the successful defense of the dissertation, the student will obtain the PhD degree in their program of choice.

Admission Requirements:

To apply for one of the SSM Doctoral Programs (no restriction of age or citizenship applies), candidates should be in possession of one of the following degrees:
● “Laurea specialistica” or “laurea magistrale” (Master’s degree), as defined in the Italian
Ministerial Decree nr. 509/1999 and its subsequent modifications and integrations.
● 4 or 5 year “Laurea” degree obtained according to the old organization of the Italian degree
● An equivalent degree at the Master level obtained after a 5-year cycle from a foreign

Successful applicants who do not already hold the required degree by the deadline of this Call for Applications will be admitted on the condition of obtaining the required degree by the date of enrolment in the Ph.D. program, and will be excluded.

The selection committees will ascertain the equivalence of non-Italian degrees on the basis of the documents attached by the candidate to their application and of any other relevant information. This requirement is not needed if the degree has been already declared equivalent to an Italian academic degree by virtue of an agreement between Italy and the foreign country in which the degree was awarded.

Candidates who are not in possession of the appropriate requirements will be excluded from the procedure at any time during the selection process. Excluded candidates will be notified of the decision and of the reason of their exclusion.


Apply via this link: apply

Application Deadline: 03/08/2022

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