About University of Bari Aldo Moro: The University of Bari Aldo Moro (UBAM) is a young public university located in Southern Italy’s historic capital Bari, on the Adriatic Sea. The university bears the name of Italian politician and UBAM alumni Aldo Romeo Luigi Moro, who was a leader of the Christian Democratic party in the country and a prime minister in Italy’s post-war period. 

Established in 1925, UBAM is committed to excellence in teaching and research. It is among the most distinguished higher education institutions in southern Italy, and has a particular focus on research conducted at the doctoral level. It currently hosts one of the largest student communities in Italy with more than 60,000 scholars on campus.

 With more than 12 departments focusing on multidisciplinary research in a wide range of subjects from agricultural science, foreign languages and literature, law to political science, communication studies and economics, the higher education institution has proved to be an attractive educational destination for not only Italian, but also international students. 

UBAM is part of numerous European and international networks such as the European University Association and the Community of Mediterranean Universities to encourage academic collaboration and foster research.  As an advocate of easily accessible higher education, the university annually awards numerous scholarships and grants to students in difficult financial situations.

Students have access to numerous modern sports facilities, such as indoor and outdoor swimming pools, football pitches, an ice rink and tennis courts.  Famous University of Bari Aldo Moro graduates and faculty members include the former Mayor of Bari Michele Emiliano, and Italian historian Luciano Canfora. 

Call for PhD selection XXXVIII cycle a.y.2022-2023:

Biodiversity is an essential part of Nature and is even more attracting attention by research and public opinion on the future of the Earth. Biodiversity can be investigated through basic and applied research (genetics, agronomy, economics, crop protection against harmful organisms, environmental sciences, etc.).

This PhD is characterized by a strong interdisciplinary approach over all these themes in four curricula: Plant genetics and biotechnology; Environmental sciences; Sustainable Mediterranean agriculture; Crop protection. The goal of the PhD is to provide skills in the research themes with a holistic viewpoint, and educates researchers for public and private research activity, and in private enterprises involved in healthcare, agriculture and management of the environment

Attachments pdf:

Call for PhD selection XXXVIII cycle a.y.2022-2023

Procedure Instruction XXXVIII cycle

How to apply:

Apply online via: https://pica.cineca.it/uniba/dottorati38/

Applications deadline: 21/07/2022

Contact E-mail: dottorato.ricerca@uniba.it

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