(Doctoral) Research Position (m/f/d): Multi-stream data assimilation to quantify forest processes: Project C4 within the CRC SFB-1537

Who we are:
The Department of Biometry and Environmental System Analysis of the Faculty for Environment and Natural Resources at the University Freiburg focusses on data-driven modelling of ecological systems. Increasingly, we use deep-learning approaches to represent environmental processes and improve our mechanistic understanding by formal comparison with process models.

Your Task:
Within ECOSENSE you will be working on the development of statistical, machine- and deep-learning workflows to assimilate incoming data from a multitude of different sensors of forest carbon and water fluxes.

You will (a) develop strategies and use data-driven models to describe spatial and temporal pattern in the data collected; (b) use process-model simulations to generate synthetic data for establishing a template for the data collected in the field; and (c) identify discrepancies between our process-representation in dedicated mechanistic models and data-driven deep-learning models.

All this happens in close collaboration with projects that optimise the sensor network, its data quality management and process modellers. We are looking for candidates (m/f/d) with a university degree in environmental sciences, computer science, physics or a comparable subject.

Your qualification will cover several of the following areas:
 • Experience in data analysis, particularly machine or deep   learning
 • Experience in handling large data
 • Good knowledge of Python or R
 • Competence in writing scientific text

What we offer
We offer an exciting interdisciplinary topic with a relevant application focus for our society and a salary according to 75% E13 TV-L until the end of June 2026. The possibility for pursuing a doctoral thesis is given, provided that all formal criteria are fulfilled. You can expect modern computer equipment and a highly qualified, multicultural team, which will cooperate with you and support you along your professional growth.

Details on the documents required for your application and on the required form of the application are to be found on https://www.cep.uni-freiburg.de/forschungsprojekte/ecosense or by contacting Prof. Dr. Carsten Dormann (carsten.dormann@biom.uni-freiburg.de). Please follow these rules strictly and send your job application citing application number 2403 in digital form until August 21, 2022, to the following person:

Eva Meier
Biometry & Environmental System Analysis
e-mail: meier@biom.uni-freiburg.de



Carsten Dormann
University of Freiburg

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