The University has promoted its international dimension since its foundation in 1562, when, during the reign of Philip II in the last year of the Council of Trent, “the Jesuit College” was created under the auspices of Alessio Fontana, a collaborator of the then Emperor Charles V.Holding to its historical roots, the University is now starting its journey to become a reformed public University.

A degree obtained at the University of Sassari will prepare you and equip you with all the tools you need to build a successful future. Research is one of the core activities carried out by the University of Sassari. Departments are responsible for the development of subject-specific and cross-sector projects, but support is provided to them by the Research Office of the Central Administration, in collaboration with the Rector’s Delegates for Research, Professors Valentina Prosperi and Francesco Cucca.

Call for admission to PhD courses – XXXVIII Cycle with 9 PhD Scholarships in Agricultural Sciences:

The course aims to train highly qualified PhDs who are able to meet the demand for research and development in the fields of
(i) agrometeorology and plant ecophysiology;
(ii) productivity of agricultural crops
(iii) management and protection of agricultural and forestry production systems; conservation, protection and enhancement of natural resources;
(iv) biotechnology aimed at regional, national and international production needs;
v) breeding and reproduction techniques, nutrition and feeding, applied genetics and selection of zootechnical animals also with the use of molecular biology techniques, quality and safety of food products of animal origin.
(vi) The study of forms of soil degradation, understood as loss of productivity or soil utility

The presentation of the research project is compulsory for all PhD courses. Candidates for admission to PhD courses that envisage the “qualifications + interview” assessment method must also submit the project. In this case, however, no points will be awarded to the project.

Application Forms and details:

Applications deadline: 11/08/2022

Call website:

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