We are searching for PhD candidates in the field of molecular virology and plant-virus-insect interactions – work in the Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology of the Institute of Plant Protection – National Research Institute – Poznań, Poland.

The research will be carried out within the project entitled: Impact of phytohormone levels and virus-encoded factors on the fitness of insect vectors of viruses, virus transmission efficiency, and the three-way interaction between plants, viruses, and insects.


  1. A master’s degree in biology, biotechnology or related sciences
  2. Scientific activity, commitment and very good organization skills, ability to work in a team
  3. Knowledge of molecular biology techniques. Experience in bioinformatics and statistics is welcome
  4. Experience in laboratory work
  5. Very good English language skills to deliver seminars and prepare scientific publications
  6. self-reliance and strong motivation to conduct scientific research related to the project topic

Description of tasks:

  1. planning and implementation of research tasks according to the project schedule,
  2. analysis and interpretation of the obtained data,
  3. keeping records of experiments performed,
  4. analysis of the obtained results, participation in the preparation of scientific publications,
  5. participation the doctoral school
  6. preparation of a dissertation thematically related to the project

Conditions of employment:

  • planned start date: October 1, 2022.
  • place of employment – Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology in the Institute of Plant Protection – National Research Institute
  • form of employment: doctoral scholarship in the amount of 5000 PLN/month (gross)
  • The stipend is awarded in accordance with the rules for awarding stipends in the regulations for research projects funded by the National Science Center (NCN) introduced by Resolution of the NCN Council No. 25/2019 of March 14, 2019. The doctoral student will have his/her social insurance costs covered (subtracted from the sum of 5000/month), as referred to in Article 6(1)(7b) of the Social Insurance System Act of October 13, 1998 (Journal of Laws of 2019, Item 300, 303 and 730).
  • Duration of the stipend: a minimum of 40 months

Required documents:

The application should include the following documents:

  1. Application addressed to Institute of Plant Protection – National Research Institute, 20 Węgorka St, 30-618 Poznań.
  2. a curriculum vitae (CV)
  3. a motivation letter containing a description of scientific interests (max. 1 page)
  4. copy of master’s degree diploma
  5. recommendations from previous supervisor/mentor,
  6. information on scientific achievements
  7. Information on the processing of personal data according to the templates:

Please include the following clauses on your resume. (Applications without the appropriate clause will not be considered in the recruitment process).

I agree to the processing by the Institute of Plant Protection – National Research Institute, located in Poznań, 20 Władysława Węgorka Street, of my personal data in the provided application documents, in particular information that exceeds the scope of personal data required by law, for the purposes of the ongoing recruitment process for the position for which I am applying.”
“At the same time, I declare that I have familiarized myself with the rules of processing my personal data at the Institute of Plant Protection – National Research Institute, located in Poznań, 20 Władysława Węgorka Street,

The decision of the Scholarship Committee is not subject to appeal. Due to the provisions of the NCN regulations: “The NCN Scientific Fellowship may be combined with other fellowships and salaries financed and from NCN funds awarded and within the framework of more than one research project, with the proviso that the total amount of the collected fellowships and salaries may not exceed 5000 PLN per month”, a doctoral student engaged in this project will not be able to collect any other fellowship/remuneration from NCN funds at the same time.

Recruitment will be carried out in accordance with the “Regulations for Awarding NCN Research Fellowships in Research Projects Funded by the National Science Center.” (Appendix to NCN Council Resolution No. 25/2019 of March 14, 2019).

The results of the recruitment will be communicated by e-mail to the return address from the application no later than mid-September 2022. Previously selected candidates will be invited for an interview. We reserve the right to cancel the competition without giving any reason.
Deadline for submission of applications until: August 30, 2022 by 12:00 pm, with the proviso that in case of early application of candidates meeting the requirements of the announcement, the competition will be terminated before the deadline.

Where to send your application:

Form of applications submission: e-mail to: ao.steplowska@iorpib.poznan.pl; subject line: OPUS 22/doctoral fellow

Deadline for submission of applications until: August 30, 2022 by 12:00 pm

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