Graduate Admission

Our goal is to foster a community in which excellence in research, teaching and community engagement are recognized as synergetic activities of equal importance. Therefore, we have moved away from a metric-based approach and instead use a holistic evaluation of candidates. At the forefront of this process is the recognition that inclusion and equity are the foundations of a community in which diverse ideas and perspectives are likely to flourish.

Admission to the Program

Applicants are considered once a year for fall admission, with a December 1 application deadline. All applicants must fulfill requirements of the Graduate School and show likelihood of successfully completing the departmental program.

Benefits and Stipend

All doctoral students are guaranteed financial support while making acceptable progress. Financial support includes a competitive stipend, student medical insurance, and tuition for all qualifying full-time students. In most cases, support comes in the form of a teaching assistantship. This may be supplemented by research assistantships, grants, and fellowships.

Application Process

The Division of Biological Sciences prioritizes evidence of attributes such as drive, diligence, passion for sharing scientific knowledge, and a willingness to take scientific risks over metrics such as GPA, standardized test scores, and other similar quantifications. Therefore, the application process should be seen as an opportunity to highlight these attributes through your essays and letters of reference. 

Labs Recruiting Graduate Students for Fall 2023: Applications for graduate school are due December 1. All applicants must fulfill requirements of the MU Graduate School and show likelihood of successfully completing the departmental program. For more information about graduate admission to the Division of Biological Sciences, click on the button below. 

The faculty listed below are recruiting graduate students to work on projects in their labs, starting fall 2023. Click on each faculty member’s name to read about the lab and projects. 

We have several labs and PIs actively recruiting Ph.D. students for fall 2023


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