Welcome to the Choudoir Lab!

Our group focuses on the ecological and evolutionary processes driving plant-soil-microbe interactions in North Carolina agroecosystems. Our research impacts decisions about land management, cropping systems, and nutrient inputs to prioritize soil microbiome resilience and stability and to maximize crop productivity. We are based in the Plant and Microbial Biology Department within NC State Extension at North Carolina State University.

The Choudoir Lab welcomes innovative, enthusiastic scientists interested in joining our group! Lab members contribute to an equitable, inclusive, and just research community that celebrates all facets of diversity (including but not limited to racialized identity, ethnicity, gender, gender expression, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, and disability designation).

Lab trainees create a structured individualized personal development and mentorship plan that promotes mentee career goals. The Choudoir Lab aims to recruit and support individuals who identify with groups historically and systematically excluded from academic STEM spaces. All current and funded opportunities are listed below.

We are recruiting a Microbiology PhD graduate student (Fall 2023)!

Summary: The student will develop an independent research project related to research and extension objectives of the Choudoir Lab. Our lab uses molecular sequencing approaches and field and greenhouse experiments to quantify microbial ecological and evolutionary processes in agroecosystems. Competitive applicants will have a strong interest in microbial ecology and evolution, soil microbiology, and/or soil-crop-microbe interactions and demonstrated research experience. Social and environmental justice work is valued. Candidates who self-identify with groups historically and systematically excluded from microbiology and ecology fields are encouraged to apply. Please email me with questions!

How to apply: Students are recruited through the Microbiology Graduate Program. Application (no GRE) is due December 1, 2022 for admission August 2023. Apply here.

Stipend & Benefits: Accepted candidates are guaranteed* financial support through a Research Assistant (RA) or Teaching Assistant (TA), plus additional summer salary, for 5 years. The Graduate Student Support Plan (GSSP) includes health insurance and tuition remission.

*Students must be enrolled full time and maintain a 3.0 GPA

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