About University of Hohenheim: Founded in 1818, after the devastating famine, the University of Hohenheim is not only engaged in foundational research but traditionally also in developing innovative solutions for urgent social matters. Today, Hohenheim is the leading University in agricultural research and food  sciences in Germany. Its combination with Natural Sciences as well as Economics and Social Sciences makes it possible to find solutions for many global challenges. This is why the University puts great importance on maintaining an international network with strong partners.

A joint specialization of research and teaching in all subjects is Bioeconomy. It is about the economics of the future, with new products and new productions processes, made of raw material from plants, animals, or microorganisms. It is not only about content, but also about atmosphere: The green campus of short distances all around the Hohenheim Palace is known as the most beautiful campus of the state.

The Plant Systems Biology group at the University of Hohenheim is offering a position for a PhD Fellow (E13 TV-L, 65%, 3 years)

Project Description: The project addresses the role of post-translational regulatory mechanisms and signalling cascades in the plant nitrate assimilation pathway. In particular, the impact of a kinase on the nitrate transporter NRT2;1 via specific phosphorylation sites will be investigated in Arabidopsis and potentially other plants. Additionally, the kinase will be characterized biochemically and physiologically (see also doi: doi.org/10.1101/2020.01.08.898254). Requirements: We expect you to be a highly motivated candidate with the following qualifications:

– A master degree in plant biology or related fields.
– Previous experience in proteomics and/or genomics tools is advantageous (e.g. functional assaying of membrane proteins, phosphor-proteomics, genotyping, cloning).
– Understanding of plant physiology and plant related lab techniques (e.g. propagation, transformation) are helpful.
– Bioinformatic skills regarding large scale data analysis is a plus.
– Excellent communication skills in English are required, German is a plus.

The candidate will work within an international, cross-disciplinary group.

Application deadline : 01.12.2022

Please attach the following documents to your application: Application: A single PDF that includes motivation letter, curriculum vitae, and contact details of two referees. Deadline: Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. Inquiries and address of application: Prof. Dr. Waltraud Schulze Fg. Systembiologie der Pflanze (190d) 0711 45924770 E-Mail: w.schulze@uni-hohenheim.de

The University of Hohenheim accepts applications via a secure internet site. To the application

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