About University of Hohenheim: Founded in 1818, after the devastating famine, the University of Hohenheim is not only engaged in foundational research but traditionally also in developing innovative solutions for urgent social matters. Today, Hohenheim is the leading University in agricultural research and food  sciences in Germany. Its combination with Natural Sciences as well as Economics and Social Sciences makes it possible to find solutions for many global challenges. This is why the University puts great importance on maintaining an international network with strong partners.

The University of Hohenheim is an innovative and research-oriented university in Stuttgart, Germany with students from around 100 countries. Modern teaching and cutting-edge research and technologies are combined in innovative topics in natural sciences, agricultural sciences, economics and social sciences. Competently equipped research facilities, extensive parks, modern buildings and palaces characterize the campus.

Our Department of Plant-based Foods has extensive experience and equipment in the field of analysis and modification of biopolymers and their use in food. We have a large network in the scientific community as well as in the industrial sector. Our aim is to explore science together and to transfer our knowledge into novel processes and innovative products.


In this scientific position, the focus will be on the design, development and modification of structuring and forming technologies for food production such as extrusion technologies, heating-cooling, 3D printing and in-line monitoring methods. In addition, characterization and elucidation of material behavior is performed. The following tasks are included:

Modification of bio-polymer structuring techniques

Design and implementation of heating/cooling and shearing methods

Characterization of material behavior and micro-structure interactions

– (Extra) Programming of control and image processing applications

Publication of findings in journals and conferences

Transfer of knowledge into teaching

Position requirements

Master’s (M.Sc.) or diploma degree in the fields of process engineering, food technology, bioprocess engineering or mechanical/mechatronics engineering

Enthusiasm and interest about material science, design, machines and programming

Knowledge of scientific and research work

Very good knowledge of German and English (spoken and written)

Creativity, critical and scientific thinking

Communication and team work

Preference will be given to disabled candidates with essentially the same qualifications. Applications from women are encouraged as the university would like to increase the proportion of female scientists.  

The position is based on the salary group of E13 TV-L (50% position of the regular working hours with the possibility of an increase).

Application deadline : 01.11.2022

Please attach the following documents to your application: Please send your application documents as a single pdf file to Mrs. Simon (150d)(sandra.simon@uni-hohenheim.de). The application should be addressed to Prof. Dr. Mario Jekle.

The University of Hohenheim accepts applications via a secure internet site. To the application

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