We are looking for PhD/MS graduate students interested to work on plant phenotyping, data science, genomics:

The Department of Botany and Plant Pathology offers graduate programs in the following areas of concentration: ecology, genetics, genomics and computational biology, molecular and cellular biology, mycology, plant pathology, plant physiology, and systematics. Application deadline is Dec 1, 2022 for Fall 2023.

Graduate Assistantships and Fellowships

Botany & Plant Pathology Diversity Advancement Graduate Assistantship

NIFA National Needs Fellowship: BPP is recruiting a cohort of 3 NIFA-funded PhD Fellows who will receive training in plant pathology and plant disease management.


Applications for BPP should be received (uploaded or postmarked) by Dec. 1 for full consideration for admission in the following Fall term. Letters of reference should be received by Dec. 15.  Applications and letters received after these dates will be reviewed for admission, as possible.  Admission into the BPP graduate program in terms other than Fall is unusual, and requires compelling circumstances.  Contact the BPP Chair of Graduate Studies before submitting such an application.

Financial support for graduate studies in the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology is available through competitive graduate teaching or graduate research assistantships awarded by the department. Support may also be obtained from various graduate fellowship programs. Opportunities for part-time work study employment on research projects are also available.

In addition, Graduate Assistants receive a percentage amount towards their health insurance per academic year. The payment will be issued to the insurance carrier. This amount is 85% of the cost of the insurance and the student will be responsible for the remaining 15% of the cost. The Grad Assistant’s enrollment onto the health plan will be a condition of the assistantship and mandatory unless they provide proof of comparable coverage.

Reach out to me & apply at: https://bpp.oregonstate.edu/bpp/academics/graduate-programs Professor Pankaj Jaiswal: https://bpp.oregonstate.edu/users/pankaj-jaiswal

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