We invite applications for two postdoctoral positions in Remote Sensing of Vegetation. The positions are part of the NSF-funded ASCEND Biology Integration Institute (, with supplemental funding from NASA Carbon Cycle Science and Biodiversity grants. In general, we are interested in using remote sensing of vegetation to understand variations in ecosystem function, which can include carbon and nutrient dynamics (i.e., flux towers), as well as water quality.

We work in natural and agro-ecosystems, as well as in experimental systems. In our research, we use hyperspectral remote sensing as well as other methods to understand spatial patterns in vegetation characteristics (such as foliar traits) and are looking for postdocs who are interested in cross-disciplinary, cross-scale research.

We are especially interested in candidates who would like to employ emerging quantitative and/or modeling methods to understand vegetation processes using remote sensing. The postdocs will work closely with Phil Townsend and his lab, and interact with UW faculty Ankur Desai (ecometeorology), Amy Trowbridge (chemical ecology) and Amanda Gevens (plant pathology), as well as researchers at the University of Minnesota (Jeannine Cavender-Bares, Peter Reich, Forest Isbell and others) and NASA JPL (Michelle Gierach, Ryan Pavlick, Fabian Schneider). Applications requested by December 9,2022, with the positions available to start late winter or spring of 2023.

Qualifications -PhD in a field of Plant Biology, Environmental Science, Remote Sensing, Geography, Statistics or similar discipline. Strong computational/statistical skills, experience with remote sensing data. -Excellent English writing and verbal communication skills, as well as the ability to work as part of a research team.

Details and application instructions can be found here: Position 1 is primarily focused on remote sensing of ecosystem function: details here: Position 2 is primarily focused on pests and pathogens, especially in agroecosystems or experimental ecosystems: Candidates are welcome to apply for both positions with a single application. Please simply indicate this in your cover letter.

Last Date to Apply 12/09/2022

Contact Person Philip A Townsend Contact eMail

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