The University of Tuscia announces a public competition for the assignment of no. 3 PhD scholarships funded by the Institute of Research on Terrestrial Ecosystems (IRET) of the National Research Council (CNR) in the framework of the ITINERIS project – Italian Integrated Environmental Research Infrastructures System, for the admission to PhD Programme in “Science, technology and biotechnology for sustainability” XXXVIII cycle, a.y. year 2022/2023.

The scholarship, pursuant to Ministerial Decree 247/2022, amounts to € 16.243,00 gross per year and it is paid on a monthly basis and includes National Insurance Contributions (INPS) which scholarship recipients are required to pay.

The duration of the scholarship payment is equal to the entire duration of the PhD course.

The frequency of payment of the scholarship is monthly. The amount is increased by up to 50% for any authorised periods of research spent abroad for a maximum of 12 months; the amount is increased for a maximum of 18 months for doctoral students who start a joint thesis supervision agreement with Tuscia University and a foreign institution. Within the financial resources existing in the budget, each PhD student is ensured a budget for research activity in Italy and abroad not less than 10% of the scholarship amount.

Eligibility criteria

In order to be considered eligible to apply within this call for PhD admission, higher education degrees awarded by foreign universities must be assessed equivalent to an Italian second level degree..The Admission Board will carry out a comparative assessment of qualifications in order to award, for the sole purpose of admission to this selection process, the recognition of eligibility of international qualifications

Applicants who hold international qualifications must therefore upload within the online application procedure the following documents:

a) second cycle degree diplomas – Master’s Degree level – that allow admission to PhD level/3rd cycle studies in the home country, awarded by a recognized academic Institution, with final mark;

b) academic qualification obtained abroad, of at least four years’ duration, equivalent in terms of level of study (Master’s Degree) to the Italian qualifications specified above;

c) transcripts of records of Master’s Degree with complete grading;;

d) any other document useful for the recognition of eligibility (such as the Diploma Supplement or the “Dichiarazione di valore” in loco issued by the University or the Italian embassy/consulate in the country where the degree was issued, respectively; or a certification of eligibility issued by CIMEA.

Failure to provide the documents listed in points a) or b) and c) will result in the exclusion from the selection procedure.

Applicants who apply under the condition of receiving their qualification from the University, shall submit the transcript of records with the list of exams passed (all the exams in their Master’s Degree Program), grades and credits.

Selection process:

The entrance examination, aimed at assessing applicant’s attitude to scientific research, will be carried out according to the criteria outlined in PhD Program Information Sheet (Annex 1). Candidates have to prove the knowledge of the English language.

The evaluation of candidates will be based on:

– an evaluation of academic qualifications that will precede the oral exam;

– an oral examination.

with the indication of the way, day, month, and time when they will take place and will be valid to all intents and purposes as the official convocation of the candidates.

The oral exams will take place in person, in compliance with safety and distancing rules. Applicants living abroad can hold the interview by videoconference. The videoconference form is available on the University website. Applicants must communicate to e-mail address their account which will be used by the Selection Board to video call the candidate.

Applications are accepted from candidates, regardless of gender, age and nationality, who hold an Italian laurea specialistica, laurea magistrale or any equivalent academic second-level degree issued by Artistic and Musical High Education institutions (AFAM) or any equivalent academic degree obtained abroad.

Applications are also accepted from candidates who expect to receive their degree by the graduation session on December 2022. Candidates who do not hold their degree at the time of the application are admitted “with reserve” until they obtain it.

Specific Requirements

A good knowledge of English language is required.


Application Deadline: 20/12/2022 14:00 – Europe/Athens

The schedule for the admission exams to each PhD Course of the XXXVII will be published on the University website at:,

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