Our group is recruiting a Ph.D. student interested in biogeochemistry and ecosystem ecology at Utah State University. Research in our group is broadly focused on understanding the causes and consequences of vegetation dynamics in savannas. Dissertation topics are open for discussion and can include, for example, 1) functional trait-based approaches for understanding vegetation dynamics in savannas; 2) combining remote sensing data and field measurements to quantify the carbon sink capacity of savannas, and 3) how fire-produced pyrogenic carbon affects the long-term stability and persistence of soil organic carbon, etc.

Qualifications MS (or BS) in ecology or related field; Research experience in biogeochemistry or remote sensing; Training in statistical approaches using R; Desire to travel and conduct field research in remote sites. Contact Person yong.zhou@usu.edu Contact eMail yong.zhou@usu.edu

Last Date to Apply 03/01/2023

Our group (www.zhoulabusu.weebly.com)

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