About University of Hohenheim:

The University of Hohenheim is the oldest university in the city of Stuttgart, Germany. It was founded in 1818, after the city had been racked by a devastating famine. The university’s original purpose was to teach agricultural techniques and experiment with more efficient farming techniques, to prevent such a disaster ever happening again.

PhD position in plant breeding 65%

At the institute for plant breeding (350a), a PhD position is available (65%) from 01.01.2023 until 31.12.2025.

We seek a highly motivated candidate with good knowledge in plant breeding and quantitative genetics and genomics. This includes a general good knowledge of R, experience in the analysis of phenotypic data with mixed models, and preferably also experience with genomic approaches like QTL or association mapping.
The work will focus on triticale and the analysis of large datasets with genotypic data and phenotypic data from multi-location field trials. The aim is to dissect the phenotypic variation and the genetic architecture underlying important agronomic traits towards a genomics-assisted breeding.

Application deadline : 07.12.2022

Please attach the following documents to your application: Letter of motivation Certifications

The University of Hohenheim accepts applications via a secure internet site. To the application

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