The Bohenek Lab at the University of North Texas is looking to recruit 1-2 graduate students (Masters or PhD) for the fall 2023 semester. Lab research interests span the fields of ecophysiology, community ecology (especially predator-prey interactions), and ecosystem ecology. Lab interests are exclusively aquatic with a large focus on experimental mesocosms at the Water Research Field Station and the natural areas of Lewisville Lake at the University of North Texas.

Broadly, the Bohenek Lab is interested in how the spatial and temporal heterogeneity of environmental quality, particularly stressors, affects organisms and communities. More precisely, the lab is interested in two general topics: 1) how habitat quality affects community assembly and ecosystem dynamics, and 2) how habitat quality affects animal physiology and development.

What we actually do: We primarily use fish, amphibians, and aquatic insects as models in field experiments to study ecophysiology (e.g., stressor effects, developmental plasticity, and endocrinology), predator-prey interactions (e.g., predation rates and predation-risk effects), community assembly (e.g., habitat selection behavior, oviposition site choice, patterns of biodiversity), and ecosystem dynamics (e.g., food webs – stable isotope analysis).

Qualifications Undergraduate degree in biology, ecology, or related field.

Deadline for application is Jan. 15th. Please email your CV and unofficial undergraduate transcripts to to schedule an interview.

Contact Person Jason Bohenek Contact eMail

Salary 17433

Start Date 08/15/2023

Last Date to Apply 01/15/2023

UNT admission requirements can be found here:

The degree program is in the Department of Biological Sciences (, which has many ecology and environmental science faculty. UNT provides TA support to qualified graduate students (9 months of salary support plus tuition) and enrollment in student healthcare.

About UNT ( UNT is a large, growing university (~45,000 students) in Denton, TX. UNT has Research 1 status (highest research tier) and it is a diverse university – it is both a Hispanic-serving and minority-serving institution (HSI and MSI). UNT is a major feature of Denton, TX, which is a fun quirky city with a large music scene and quaint downtown square. Denton is also part of the larger Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, so it has many amenities.

A list of publications can be found here: Please read over several papers to see if these topics interest you.

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