M.S. Teaching Assistantship – Life History of Species of Greatest Conservation Need, Pontchartrain Painted Crayfish – Louisiana:

A Teaching Assistantship is available for either the Summer or Fall 2023 semester for the Master of Science in Marine and Environmental Biology program at Nicholls State University in Dr. Chris Bonvillain’s Aquatic Ecology and Astacology Lab. The Teaching Assistantship includes tuition wavier, out of state fee waiver, and stipend of $17,000/yr.

The successful applicant will conduct a two year field research project that will determine annual life history characteristics for the Pontchartrain Painted Crayfish Faxonius hobbsi, a species of greatest conservation need in Louisiana. Previous sample efforts have identified habitat requirements and stream locations for F. hobbsi but basic life history information is not present for the species.

Data collected will be used to determine critical F. hobbsi life history characteristics including morphometrics, size-class structure, age structure, reproductive season, and growth rates. The results from this study will provide the first comprehensive life history information for F. hobbsi.

This is a field intense project that includes stream habitat assessments and multiple active and passive capture techniques including dip nets, seines, and backpack electrofishing. The applicant should have previous field experience working in stream ecosystems. Previous experience working with and identifying crayfish is highly desirable.

The assistantship can begin in either JUNE OR AUGUST 2023 and the project is scheduled to begin immediately.

Qualifications: Applicants must: -Possess a valid driver’s license -Be able to tolerate harsh field conditions (cold, hot, humid, rain, bugs) -Have previous experience working in stream ecosystems -Have previous experience working with and identifying crayfish (highly desirable) Admission requirements include: • B.S. degree in life science curriculum • Minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0 • Combined GRE (verbal + quantitative) of 300

Deadline for applying is March 31, 2023 or until filled. Application materials and questions regarding the program should be sent (email is preferred) to Dr. Chris Bonvillain, Department of Biological Sciences, P.O. Box 2021, Nicholls State University, Thibodaux, LA 70310, chris.bonvillain@nicholls.edu.

Application procedure includes an online application and fee (http://www.nicholls.edu/apply/). A cover letter, CV, official GRE scores and academic transcripts, and departmental application package (https://www.nicholls.edu/biology/master-of-science-degree-program/admission-requirements/) including three letters of recommendation (forms included in departmental application) can be sent to Dr. Bonvillain (chris.bonvillain@nicholls.edu).

For more information about the program visit https://www.nicholls.edu/biology/master-of-science-degree-program/.

Contact Person Chris Bonvillain Contact eMail chris.bonvillain@nicholls.edu

Salary $17,000/yr plus tuition and out of state fee waiver

Start Date 08/09/2023

Last Date to Apply 03/31/2023

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