Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies: Postdoc position in evolutionary genomics of polyploid robustness 80 % We are searching for a postdoc researcher to join us and Prof. Dr. Kentaro Shimizu, in a research project at the University of Zurich studying the evolutionary genomics of polyploid plant species.

Your responsibilities

The position is supported by a new 4-year project awarded by Swiss National Science Foundation “Evolutionary functional genomics of plant sexual reproduction and polyploid species”. Polyploid species are widespread among natural and crop plant species, but its complex genomes have been a barrier to understand the molecular basis of the advantages of polyploidy.

The focus of the project is to study the advantages of polyploidy such as environmental and mutational robustness. The genome-wide polymorphism and transcriptome data of polyploid and diploid species including crop bread wheat and model Arabidopsis will be analyzed.

Furthermore, the data will be analyzed using machine learning together with field image and meteorological data by an interdisciplinary collaboration with experimental biologists and ecologists to address biological questions. For more details of our research, please see our recent original and review papers (including Paape et al. Nature Commun 2018; Walkowiak et al. Nature 2020; Tsuchimatsu et al. Nature Commun 2020; Shimizu, Curr Opin Plant Biol 2022; Akagi et al. Curr Opin Plant Biol 2022; Akiyama et al. bioRxiv 2022)

Your profile

Having the ability to address biological questions using genomics, bioinformatics and/or machine learning is important for this project. Expertise in resequencing and genome-wide polymorphism analysis to infer selection and demography as well as machine learning is an asset. Experience in plant science is not essential but the motivation to study them is important. Additional experiences in molecular experiments and plant growth will be viewed as a bonus.

What we offer

We offer varied and interesting work in an inspiring and socially relevant environment.
Diversity and inclusion are important to us. The University of Zurich offers a highly international, mostly English speaking and an interdisciplinary collaborative environment. The opportunity to interact with colleagues in computational and experimental biology is available through the University Research Priority Program in Evolution in Action (Prof. Shimizu as a Co-Director) as well as at the Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies (as a Vice-Director). Zurich offers great quality of life, consistently ranking in the top three cities worldwide.

Place of work

University of Zurich Irchel, Winterthurerstrasse, Zürich, Switzerland

Start of employment

Employment start date will be mutually agreed. Please submit your application by 15.12.2022. The evaluation will start from 15 Dec 2022 and the position will be filled once a suitable candidate is found. The initial contract is for 2 years with the option of extension for 2 years within the project timeframe.
Please submit your application as a single pdf file, including your past research achievements, a letter of motivation that highlights your interests, your CV and two or more contacts for reference (or reference letters).

Further information

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