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Additional public selection call for admission to PhD courses – XXXVIII cycle – Academic Year 2022/2023 with assignment of doctoral scholarships financed by NextGenerationEU within the PNRR – Rectoral Decree no. 1781 of December, 29 2022

Applicants of any citizenship and age can submit their application for the selection procedure to access the PhD, provided they hold one of the following qualifications: a Degree released by an Italian University prior to Ministerial Decree509/99.A Master,s Degree released by an Italian University in pursuance of Ministerial Decree 509/99 and Ministerial Decree270/04; an international academic qualification released by a legally recognised foreign University and declared equivalent or suitable for admission to an Italian PhD course. Applicants who will take the qualification required before enrollment

The public selection for admission to the XXXVIII cycle and the awarding of doctoral scholarships under the PNRR for the following doctoral courses is announced at the University of Calabria:

  • Technology Applied to Cultural Heritage

The selection procedure, in order to ascertain the applicant’s aptitude for scientific research, is an assessment of the applicant’s qualifications, in accordance for each PhD programme, through a written test and/or an oral examination

Applications deadline is 30/01/2023.

Art. 2 Admission requirements

  1. They can apply for participation in the selection of admission to the PhD Courses referred to in the previous art. 1, without limitation as to age and nationality, persons with one of the following educational qualifications:
    a. Bachelor’s degree old ordering (ex ante D.M. 509/1999);
    b. Master’s Degree/Degree (D.M. 509/1999 and D.M. 270/2004);
    c. Second level academic qualification issued by the institutions belonging to the AFAM sector;
    d. Degree obtained at foreign universities, legally recognized, provided that comparable duration, level and disciplinary field to the Italian qualification that allows access to the course.
    For access to the selection of some of the Doctoral Courses, it is necessary to hold specific Master’s/ Specialist (or equivalent) degrees, as indicated in Annex A to this call
  2. May also apply for participation in the notice of admission those who will achieve the title required by paragraph 1, by the date of enrolment in the doctoral course. If the candidate is a winner, he will be admitted “with reservation” and must submit, by the date of registration for the doctoral course, by e-mail to self-certification relating to the achievement of the title with attached copy of valid identity document. Failure to obtain the title within the indicated deadline will result in exclusion from the ranking list of merit.
  3. May not apply for participation in the selection those:
  • Applicants who have previously received a PhD grant or a fraction thereof;
  • have already obtained a PhD.
    Art. 3 Degree released by foreign universities
  1. The suitability of the qualification obtained at foreign universities is ascertained, only for the purposes of admission to selection, by the Selection Board in compliance with the legislation in force in Italy and in the country where the qualification was issued, and treaties or international agreements on the recognition of qualifications for further studies.
  2. In this case, the candidates must submit, in the manner indicated in Article 5 below, the degree certificate, indicating the exams taken and the study plan followed, both first and second level. The candidate can also attach the supplement degree or declaration of value on site or certificate of comparability issued by CIMEA or other ENIC-NARIC centers and any other documentation useful to assess the eligibility of the title held for the chosen course. If these documents are not written in Italian or English, they must, under penalty of exclusion from the competition, be accompanied by a sworn translation in Italian or English. The Selection Board will assess the suitability of the foreign qualification on the basis of the documentation submitted and therefore may exclude the candidate even if there is insufficient evidence for the assessment.
  3. Candidates holding a foreign qualification are admitted to the selection with reservation, which can be dissolved only when, if winners, will produce the diploma supplement or declaration of value on site or certificate of comparability CIMEA or other ENIC-centers NARIC, as provided by art.8.


The amount of the doctoral grant is € 16,243.00 per year gross of the social security costs borne by the scholarship holder. The PhD grant is exempt from payment of local personal income tax (IRPEF) and is subject to payment of separately managed INPS social security contributions, two-thirds to be borne by the University and one-third by the grant holder. The PhD students enjoy the protection and related rights. Scholarship holders will have to register for the separate management of INPS.

The total annual gross personal income limit to be elegible for the PhD scholarship is € 15,000.00. The determination of this income shall be based on income derived from assets and on emoluments of any other kind, including occasional payments. The income refers to the tax period for the calendar year of greatest use of the scholarship (for the academic year 2022/2023 the year 2023). Exceeding the income limit, in one of the academic years in which the grant was awarded, results in the loss of the right to the grant for the year in which the income event incompatible with the grant occurred. In this case there will be an obligation to return any monthly payments already received during the academic year.

The doctoral grant is awarded in instalments on a monthly basis postponed, has an annual duration and is renewed annually for the duration of the course, provided that the PhD student has completed the activities foreseen in the previous year and has been admitted by the Board of Teachers the following year.

Doctoral grants may not be combined with research grants or other scholarships in any capacity awarded except those awarded by national or foreign institutions which are useful for supplementing training or research activities with stays abroad.

The amount of the PhD grand is increased by 50 percent for periods of stay abroad at universities or research institutes previously authorized by the Teaching Board, and supported by a certificate from the Host Institution, not less than 30 consecutive days and a total of not more than 12 months, extendable up to 18 months for doctorates in co-tutorship with foreign universities and for those activated in associated form pursuant to article 3, paragraph 2 of D.M. n. 226/2021. The PhD student is required to certify the effective stay abroad, otherwise they will be refunded. The increase may not be applied for stays spent in the country of origin or the country of residence of the doctoral candidates. Those who have received a scholarship for a doctoral course, even in part, are not eligible for a second scholarship.

Application for Admission:

  1. The application for admission to the selection must be sent using only the appropriate online procedure available on the page (Italian): For English page:;jsessionid=BA8728B3F11C6A6DAA12E6F230CBE1FE.esse3-unical-prod-01?cod_lingua=eng
  2. The telematic procedure for the submission of the application for online admission will be active from 8 August 2022 and will be unavoidably closed at 12:00 (twelve o’clock-Italian time) on 30 January 2023.
  3. The telematic procedure provides for the preliminary registration for those who are not in possession of a student matricule of the University of Calabria, in order to obtain the credentials that allow access to the next phase of filling in the application
  4. Candidates who are already registered must access the Reserved Area using the credentials they already have. Candidates are invited to update the data already present in the register, in particular the place of residence, the telephone number and the e-mail address to which any communications relating to the competition will be sent.
  5. The application is considered to be submitted correctly only upon completion of the electronic procedure and can no longer be changed online.
  6. The application is considered to be submitted correctly only upon completion of the electronic procedure and can no longer be changed online.
  7. No admission fee will be paid.
  8. La procedura di ammissione on-line prevede l’upload dei seguenti documenti in formato pdf:
  • Self-certification of access certificate pursuant to Art. 47 D.P.R. 445/2000 (Annex B) for academic qualifications obtained in U.E countries;
  • documentation required for the evaluation of candidates with an academic qualification obtained abroad;
  • self-certification of exams taken during the academic career, for candidates not yet in possession of the title;
  • research project, with a maximum length of 16,000 characters, unless otherwise specified in the PhD course on the specific research topics indicated in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan for which the candidate intends to compete;
  • the candidate’s curriculum vitae et studiorum;
  • a copy, front/back, of a valid identity document;
  • a copy of the Italian tax code;
  • any additional qualification under assessment, as specified in “Annex A” to this notice.
  1. All titles, documents and publications deemed useful for the purposes of the competition procedure must be attached in electronic format. pdf with a maximum size of 20 MB; exceptionally, any documentation that the candidate does not succeed in attaching can be sent by certified e-mail (PEC) to the or delivered by hand to the Protocol Office of the Central Administration, Via Pietro Bucci cubes 7-11 b, Arcavacata di Rende (CS) on weekdays from 10:00 to 12:00, always in compliance with the deadline of this notice. In addition, candidates who wish to supplement or amend the application or the annexes may submit the application together with the signed application for admission and a photocopy of a valid identity document in the same manner, within the mandatory deadline for expiry of the notice. In the event that the annexes are not received by the deadline and in the manner indicated, will be evaluated only the documents entered with the computerized procedure. The University assumes no responsibility for any telematic problems attributable to third parties.
  2. Candidates wishing to participate in more than one admission selection must apply for each selection, each accompanied by the required qualifications.
  3. Applications submitted in a manner other than that set out above will not be considered.
  4. It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure the correct conclusion of the IT procedure; in this regard, this University declines all responsibility for any malfunctions of the computer system close to the deadline.
  5. Candidates with proven disabilities, pursuant to Law No. 104/1992 as supplemented by Law 17/99, may request, in relation to their disability, the necessary aids and any additional time for the completion of the test. Candidates suffering from specific learning disorders in accordance with Law No. 170/2010 in relation to the type of test are granted an additional time equal to 30 percent more than the one defined. Disabled applicants, if they intend to use the aids provided by Law n. 104/1992 as integrated by Law 17/99, will also have to report during the completion of the online application, indicating the type of aid required.
  6. All candidates are admitted to the selection subject to verification of the requirements of the notice, which will be carried out pursuant to art. 43 D.P.R. 445/2000. The University may, therefore, at any time order the exclusion of candidates from the selective procedure. The University will also, of its own motion, verify the veracity of the substitute declarations of certification submitted by the candidates: anyone who makes false statements is punished in accordance with the penal code and special laws on the subject.
  7. The University reserves the right to take, even after the selection, measures to exclude candidates who do not meet the requirements or who have not complied with the requirements of the notice.

Contact E-mail:

The application for admission to the selection must be sent exclusively using the specific online procedure available on the page: For English page:;jsessionid=BA8728B3F11C6A6DAA12E6F230CBE1FE.esse3-unical-prod-01?cod_lingua=eng

Expiry date: 2023-01-30

Call documents download PDF: : DR n. 1781 del 29.12.2022 – Bando Aggiuntivo Dottorato di Ricerca Unical XXXVIII_PNRR_ENG.pdf (Pubblicato il 29/12/2022 – Aggiornato il 29/12/2022 – 657 kb – pdf)

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