MeInBio is a PhD research training group at the University of Freiburg and the Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics Freiburg. Funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), MeInBio aims at a dual education in bioinformatics and wet laboratory approaches to explore the spatio-temporal dynamics of gene regulation using high-throughput and high-resolution methods.

For the start of the next generation of PhD students in September 2023, MeInBio is now accepting applications for 12 PhD positions (funded for three years). We are looking for junior researchers with expertise either in the life sciences (molecular biology and genetics, cell biology, molecular medicine, biochemistry), or in bioinformatics (all fields). Our dual education profile requires a strong interest for training in the respective other field.

We offer:

• Exciting modern research projects in well-equipped laboratories using state-ofthe-art technologies (stem, cancer and bacterial cells, single cell and highthroughput sequencing, high-resolution imaging, bioinformatics).

• Tandems between wet laboratory and bioinformatics groups for mutual exchange and low-threshold interdisciplinary communication

• Different model organisms for conceptual learning and scientific exchange

• Professional and efficient supervision secured by a thesis advisory committee

• Regular courses in bioinformatics and wet laboratory techniques

• Additional “soft skills” courses and gatherings of all research training group members for scientific exchange

Candidates should

• Have an excellent recent university degree in one of the fields mentioned above

• Be passionate about science and highly motivated

• Have a strong affection to acquire both, biological and informatics knowledge

• Be willing to actively participate in gatherings and other activities of the research training group

• Be fluent in written and spoken English

Only online applications through the SGBM application portal as described on the MeInBio web site will be considered. For more information please contact


Recruiting now! for our next generation of PhD students (start of PhD project in September 2023). Applications will be accepted until February 19, 2023.

You will need to provide the contact information of two persons who are willing to provide a reference for you. Once you have entered their contact information, the referees will receive an e-mail with a link where they can enter the reference. During the application process you will be able to see if the references have been submitted by your referees.

Relevant documents can be uploaded. Please carefully select the documents you decide to upload and do not fill your application with unnecessary material! Final school leaving certificate (Abitur for German students) must be uploaded. Please only upload files that are NOT protected or secured, otherwise they will not be processed correctly by the system

Documents you will need for the application:
letter of motivation
description of research interest
description of Master thesis project
Master certificate
Description of Bachelor thesis
Bachelor certificate
Study grades (transcript of records)
For Germans: Abiturzeugnis
2 reference letters (directly uploaded by the referees) 

TOEFL test
GRE test or other proof of English language skills

Selection procedure:

The group leaders prescreen the complete applications and assemble a short list of candidates who will be invited for interviews in Freiburg. The interviews will be held on May 11 +12, 2023. Travel expenses for interviews will be covered by MeInBio.
Each candidate has one interview (30 min/interview) in English with the principal investigator they applied to, as well as a tandem interview with 2 independent members of the selection committee (30 min). 
In addition, candidates present their previous research work to the selection committee. This is a 7-min presentation (blackboard, no Powerpoint!) followed by a 5-min question round. Final selection of the candidates is based on the results of the interviews and the presentation to the selection committee. 

Beginning of project

All projects, and the contracts as research assistant, will start in September 2023. If you would like to start your work earlier, or can only start a few weeks later, please let us know and we will evaluate options together.

How to apply?

For application to one of thePhDprojects, we ask you to only use the Spemann Graduate school of Biology and Medicine (SGBM) application platform.  

You first have to register here to access the SGBM application platform. Once you have submitted the registration form, you will receive a verification email at the address you provided. It will include instructions on how to continue with the application. Please make sure to select „MeInBio“ in the “Select Track” drop down menu.

Information that you enter in the application platform is not saved automatically, You should save your progress before logging out! You will have to re-enter your login data to proceed with your application. All information (scientific interests, letter of motivation, etc.) must be entered in English in the application form. The sections “letter of motivation” and  “scientific interests” are of specific interest for the selection procedure and should receive careful attention.

You need to select one research group to which you would like to apply, but have the option to name two additional other projects you would also be willing to join. For further information on the curriculum, the individual research groups, as well as the application procedure please refer to

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