Title: Transcriptomics and metabolomics of plant responses to biocontrol and biost:

In a context of destabilized ecosystems, alternative methods of plant culture are gaining interest, in particular those employing the use of natural products for biocontrol and biostimulation or the use of inter-cropping. In the Stimcross project funded by the french public investment bank and coordinated by the Ethicae group in collaboration with the MOMIE team at the PHIM institute, the post-doctoral researcher will characterize the transcriptional and metabolic responses of wheat and pea in response to various biocontrol and biostimulation products, under controlled and field conditions.

First, the researcher will apply transcriptomic and metabolomic approaches to obtain a holistic view of the biological pathways recruited by the products studied. In particular, integrative bioinformatic analysis will be used to define key and if possible, distinctive pathways of response to specific biostimulants/biocontrols. In a second step and based on these results, the researcher will design a Fluidigm expression analysis chip in order to standardize and set up a platform for analyzing the effect of these products, which can be used for their characterization as part of their market approval.

In parallel, the researcher will have the opportunity to be involved in projects aimed at the understanding of the mechanisms involved in below-ground plant-plant communication in a context of plant immunity. Together with a team composed of a professor, two researchers, a PhD student, and several research professionals to be recruited in 2023, the post-doctoral researcher will contribute to a better understanding of the mechanisms of action of biosolutions and promote these alternative methods in order to amplify its socioeconomic impact.

Contract informations: funded for 36 months, earliest start date april 2023, ~ 2 100 euros net/month; Desired scientific skills and interests: bioinformatics, molecular biology, metabolomics, transcriptomics, epigenomics, gene regulation, environment and plant health

To apply: Contact information: candidacies should be sent to louis-valentin.meteignier@inrae.fr and elsa.ballini@supagro.fr

Application Deadline: 24/01/2023 – 00:00 (UTC)


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