I am seeking an M.S. student interested in microbial ecology and symbiosis for fall 2023. An M.S. degree in my lab, which uses several interdisciplinary approaches, would prepare you for several different career opportunities. This would be ideal for a student interested in gaining more research experience and coursework before seeking employment in the public or private sectors, or someone planning to apply for a Ph.D. program or medical school.

My lab combines genetic, molecular, and microbiological approaches to understand the interactions between bacterial symbionts and their amoeba hosts. Amoebae, as single cell eukaryotes that feed on bacteria in nature via phagocytosis, provide a strong selective pressure on environmental bacterial to escape or survive digestion to live inside host cells. Thus, the various ways that bacteria can evolve to survive phagocytosis are potential pathways to intracellular adaptation.

Bacteria that are currently found as symbionts in amoebae represent a dynamic system for studying this process, and in the social amoebae species there are two common symbionts in the genus Paraburkholderia and the phylum Chlamydiae. We are currently studying the epidemiology of these bacteria in natural host populations and exploring the mechanisms of infection and persistence of these two different symbionts.

Qualifications: Applicants should have a BS degree in Biology (or related discipline). The deadline for applying for fall semester is Mar 1, but if you are interested in my lab please email me first so we can discuss the possibility. When you email me, please include a copy of your CV/resume, and a brief description of why you are interested in the position and if you have any prior research experience. Contact Person Tammy Haselkorn Contact eMail thaselkorn@uca.edu

Salary $13,400 including tuition waviers

Start Date 08/15/2023

Last Date to Apply 03/01/2023

Website https://uca.edu/biology/msbiology/

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