Who we are: The Center for Quantitative Genetics and Genomics (QGG) is a vibrant and exciting interdisciplinary center for research and education in quantitative genetics and quantitative genomics. QGG is an international organization with 70 employees and visiting researchers from more than 15 countries. We perform basic and applied research within plant, livestock and human quantitative genetics.

Our focus areas include quantitative genetics, artificial intelligence applied to agriculture and precision medicine, population genetics, and integrative genomics. QGG is located at the central campus in Aarhus and at the AU Flakkebjerg campus in newly renovated offices with well-developed research infrastructure, laboratories, equipment, and high-performing computing clusters.

We offer 5 Postdoctoral Funded Positions:

1- Postdoctoral fellow in phenomics and genetics to develop speed breeding for vernalization-dependent cool-season grasses (QGG Flakkebjerg). Deadline 15 February 2023.

2- Postdoctoral fellow in quantitative genetics to develop hybrid breeding in cool-season grasses (QGG Flakkebjerg). Deadline 15 February 2023.

3- Postdoctoral fellow in durable black rust disease resistance in perennial ryegrass (QGG Flakkebjerg). Deadline 16 February 2023.

4- Postdoctoral fellowship in phenomics for characterization of early root development in legumes (QGG Flakkebjerg). Deadline 16 February 2023.

5- Postdoc in numerical modelling of muscle cells cultivation (QGG Aarhus). Deadline 9 March 2023.

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