The course aims to train highly qualified PhDs able to meet the demand for research and development in the fields of
(i) agrometeorology and plant ecophysiology;
(ii) productivity of agricultural crops;
(iii) management and protection of agricultural and forestry production systems; conservation, protection and enhancement of natural resources;
(iv) biotechnology aimed at regional, national and international production needs;
v) breeding and reproduction techniques, nutrition and feeding, applied genetics and selection of zootechnical animals, also with the use of molecular biology techniques, quality and safety of food products of animal origin;

A public selection is announced at the University of Sassari for the award of PhD positions – cycle XXXVIII within the framework of the National Plan for Recovery and Resilience (PNRR), Mission 4 “Education and Research”, Component 2 “From research to enterprise”.

Competitions on the basis of titles and examinations are announced for the admission to the PhD courses listed in Annex 1, for each of which the number of places on offer, the number and type of scholarships, the qualifications that will be evaluated by the Selection Board and the themes of the research project required for the competition phase only are indicated.

ART. 2 – Requirements for admission:
All applicants are required to be in possession of a valid Masters’ Degree certificate or an equivalent academic degree pursuant to M.D. no. 509 of 3 November 1999, and M.D. no. 270 of 22 October 2004, or a degree obtained under the previous university system (prior to D.M. no. 509 of 3 November 1999) or other equivalent qualification obtained abroad.

Foreign citizens in possession of a qualification that has not already been declared equivalent to a university degree must – solely for the purpose of admission to the PhD programme for which they intend to apply – accompany the application form, according to the procedure described in art. 5 below, with the documents necessary to allow the Selection Committee to declare equivalence. Said documents must be translated into Italian or presented in English, French or Spanish and legalised by the competent Italian diplomatic or consular representations abroad in accordance with the regulations in force for the admission of foreign students to degree courses at Italian universities.

Foreign citizens who are not in possession of the translated and legalised documents required above may submit an application for admission by self-certifying possession of the qualification. Candidates will be admitted to the selection process sub condicione and, should they be successful, they must produce the documentation requested above by 28/02/2023 at the latest, under penalty of forfeiture and exclusion from the Course.

For Italian citizens having a foreign academic degree that has not already been declared equivalent to an Italian degree, the same provisions set forth in the previous paragraphs shall apply.
As of the 2022/2023 academic year, the simultaneous enrolment of students in two courses of study is permitted in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 33 of 12 April 2022 and the relevant implementing decrees.
The joint attendance of the medical specialisation course and the PhD course is regulated pursuant to Article 7 of Ministerial Decree no. 226 of 14/12/2022.

Candidates applying for reserved positions may be admitted to the PhD courses if they are successful in the competitive examinations referred to in articles 6 and 7 of this notice.
Those interested must draw up their applications according to the procedure described in the following articles 4 and 5 of this call.
Those who have obtained their degree by the closing date of the notice may participate in the competition.

All candidates may also be admitted sub condicione, including those taking part in the reserved places referred to in art. 3 below, who, not in possession of the qualification on the date of the deadline of the call, will obtain it by 28 February 2023. The starting date of the XXXVIII cycle of PhD Courses at the University of Sassari for the present selection is 1 March 2023.

All candidates, including those competing for a reserved position, thus admitted sub condicione, who have been successful in the competition procedures, must submit, to the Higher Education Office of this University, self-certification of the achievement of the degree no later than 28/02/2023.
Candidates who do not communicate the achievement of the degree by the deadline or who send incomplete or erroneous communications will be excluded.

ART. 3 – Positions reserved to applicants graduated at foreign universities
Each PhD Course may reserve places for Fellows from foreign countries. Candidates who opt for these types of places must make an explicit request in the application form and must also be successful in accordance with the provisions of articles 6 and 7 below.
Successful candidates for positions reserved for applicants from foreign countries must submit the documentation demonstrating their status to the Higher Education Office of this University no later than 28/02/2023.

ART. 4 – Application procedure:
The attached application form must be prepared according to the prescriptions and by the deadlines described in art. 8.

In the application, the candidate must state under his/her own responsibility, on pain of exclusion from the competition:
A. surname and first name, date and place of birth and place of residence;
B. citizenship;
C. degree awarded, as well as the date and university at which it was issued, or the corresponding/equivalent degree awarded at a foreign University;
D. the selection of the sub-conditions option in the call, with an indication of the University to be issuing the qualification and the name of the qualification. To certify this condition, the applicant will be required NOT to fill the form fields regarding the date of qualification and the relevant result;

E. the contact address for the purposes of the call. EU citizens and foreigners must indicate an Italian physical address or the details of the the Embassy of their country in Italy, selected as reference address. Any change in the address must be communicated in timely to the Ufficio Alta Formazione, by e-mail by writing to or .
Alla domanda di concorso deve essere obbligatoriamente allegata copia fronte/retro del proprio documento di identità con fotografia perfettamente visibile che consenta l’identificazione del candidato.
The application must also include a copy of the applicant’s ID (front and back) featuring a visible picture allowing the identification of the applicant.

Under penalty of exclusion from the competition, a research project on the topics indicated for the posts for which you are competing, as set out in Attachment 1, must be submitted together with the application form and with the sole exception of the PhD course in Juridical Sciences. To this end, the candidate may use the model in ANNEX 2 of this notice of competition published on the website. For PhD courses that have opted for the “Qualifications + interview” mode of assessment, the research project will not be marked.

Even in this case, however, submission of the research project together with the application form is mandatory, under penalty of exclusion from the competition. Under no circumstances shall the research project be accepted for submission by any means other than those described in Article 5 below.
The following qualifications, presented by the applicants jointly to the application form, in any case within the time limits and modes provided for under art. 5, will be assessed:

  1. scientific publications in copy up to a maximum of 5 (no more than 5, strict limit);
  2. numbered list of scientific publications referred to in point 1 (only the first 5 on the list will be considered; no points will be awarded for publications if the list is not submitted);
  3. a self-certification, pursuant to arts. 46 and 47 of DPR 445/2000, concerning other university degrees such as Master’s degrees, Postgraduate Programmes, Research scholarships, and postgraduate qualifications equivalent to those listed.
  4. Applicants may also attach their CV’s to the application form. This will not, in any case, be awarded any point by the Selection committee and failure to do so will not hinder the applicants’ participation in this competition. The presentation of a Bachelor’s degree, if any, is not required and will not, in any case, be evaluated.

Both the ID (front and back) and the research project, and any additional qualification and Curriculum Vitae must be annexed in PDF format, in accordance with the procedures reported in the “Guidelines for applicants to public calls” published on the same page of the University of Sassari website where this call is published. Should the uploaded files not be readable, also as a result of using a digital format other than PDF, the University will not be liable for such problems.

Pursuant to Article 15 of Law no. 183 of 12/11/2011, from 01/01/2012 it is not possible to request or accept certifications issued by Public Administrations regarding states, personal qualities and facts. Therefore, the declarations referred to in points A, B, C and D of this article must be made, in the application for admission, in accordance with Articles 46 and 47 of Presidential Decree 445/2000.

This Administration reserves the right to accept sub conditione applicants to the selection procedure and the right, at any time, to exclude applicants who are not in possession of the qualifications and requirements set forth in this notice. No communication will be sent to applicants and all the information will only be published on the website. Any amendment/addition to this call shall be published on the official website by the deadline set by this call.

The application for admission may be submitted for each PhD Course indicated in Appendix 1. If the candidate intends to compete for several PhD Courses, he/she shall submit separate applications for admission and pay the corresponding fee for each of them.
Candidates interested in applying for a PhD course with curricula can opt for only one of these. If you apply for several curricula within the same course, you must choose the one for which you wish to participate.

Submission of the application for admission, in accordance with the procedures set out in Article 5 below, implies the candidates’ acceptance of the rules contained in this call for applications.


The fellowships, the number of which is indicated for each PhD course in Annex 1, will be awarded following a comparative assessment of merit and in the order set out in the respective single merit rankings or subdivided by curricula, where the course has provided for them, drawn up by the Selection Committees.

The annual amount of the fellowship, which is determined in accordance with art. 1 of D.M. 23/02/2022 amounts to € 16.243,00 gross of employee benefit expenses borne by the recipient.
Scholarships have a duration of one year and are renewed upon completion of the programme of activities foreseen for the previous year, verified in accordance with the procedures established by the PhD Course and in compliance with any additional requirements provided for by the funders, without prejudice to the obligation to disburse the fellowship upon passing the verification.

The entitlement to a scholarship for the attendance of a PhD Course is compatible with the possession of a gross annual personal income not exceeding €16,243.00 in the calendar year in which the scholarship is received.
The benefit of the PhD student grant shall take effect, unless reassigned or delayed, on 01/03/2023 and cannot be accumulated with other scholarships for any reason whatsoever, except with those granted by national or foreign institutions useful to supplement the PhD student’s research activity with stays abroad, nor with research grants.

The amount of the fellowship is increased by 50% for periods spent abroad, subject to the existence of the relative financial cover.La richiesta ai fini dell’incremento di cui sopra, diretta al Rettore, è subordinata all’autorizzazione allo svolgimento di un periodo di permanenza all’estero rilasciata dal Coordinatore del Corso, nel limite di sei mesi, dalla Giunta del Corso per periodi superiori.

The study scholarship payment is made on a deferred monthly basis.
In the event of renouncement of the fellowship by the PhD student or revocation following a negative evaluation, the University reserves the right to request the return of any sums already received.

Those who have already benefited, even partially, from a fellowship for a PhD course may not benefit from it a second time.
For foreign citizens, the payment of the grant is subject to the presentation to the competent offices of the University of the Italian Fiscal Code issued by the Italian Consulate with territorial jurisdiction or by the Agenzia delle Entrate (Revenue Office), in the case of a candidate already on Italian soil.

ART. 5 – How to apply:

Applicants must submit their application by selecting, within the PhD Course, the administrative category corresponding to the scholarship for which they intend to participate, in accordance with the provisions of Attachment 1 to the notice. The choice of administrative category will be binding as the rankings will be divided by administrative category. In the same PhD Course it is possible to apply for only one administrative category.
The application may be modified by the candidate, also with regard to the choice of PhD course or administrative category, within the deadline established in the present call. Any application received by the Office after this deadline will not be taken into consideration.

Applicants are required to upload a duplex (front and back) copy of their ID/Passport (in PDF format only).
Sub-conditional candidates must also certify their status using Annex 3 to the notice. Candidates with disabilities and candidates with DSA, in accordance with Law no. 104 of 5 February 1992, as amended and supplemented, and Law no. 170 of 8 October 2010, may explicitly request, in relation to their own needs, the necessary aids and any additional time with respect to those established for the generality of candidates, as well as any additional measures to ensure equal opportunities in the performance of the competition. These conditions must be proven by appropriate medical certification issued by the competent health authorities.

In the event of written tests being held, candidates with a certificate of disability or certification pursuant to law no. 104 of 1992, issued by the competent local medical board proving the type of disability and/or the degree of recognised handicap, will be entitled to additional time not exceeding 50% over and above the time set aside for the test; candidates with a diagnosis of specific learning disorders (DSA) pursuant to law no. Candidates with a diagnosis of specific learning disorders (DSA), as defined in Law 170/2010, with appropriate certification issued by NHS structures or by organisations and specialists accredited by the same, will be entitled to an additional time not exceeding 30%.

Applications must be submitted, on penalty of exclusion, by 1 pm of 17th February 2023 (CET) only by connecting to and logging in the personal area (or registering if the UNISS web service is used for the first time).
Applications must be submitted to the modes provided by the “How to submit an application” document published on the same page of the UNISS website where the call is published.

If required, the application may be modified directly by the applicant, within the terms of this notice, only via the website, by logging in, selecting the call and clicking on “edit” (modifica).
In this regard, please refer to the separate Tutorial available at
The applications filed, for any reason, after the terms and/or in ways other than those set forth in this call, will not be accepted.

Those who have selected ‘I request assistance and/or specialised tutoring services’ in the on-line registration procedure must make an explicit request for the necessary aid by sending an e-mail to Failure to indicate the state of disability when registering online, or to send an email requesting assistance, will not ensure that the necessary aids are provided in time for the tests to be held.

In the case of particularly serious certified DSA, the use of the following compensatory tools may be allowed: non-scientific calculator, video magnifier or the assistance of a reader chosen by the University Commission in charge of examining the certifications submitted with the support of appropriate experts. The following instruments are not permitted in any case: dictionary and/or vocabulary (except those that may be made available by the Competition Committee), formulary, periodic table of elements, conceptual map, personal computer, tablet, smartphone, smartwatch and other similar instruments.

Help for online services for applicants is available via e-mail to

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Applications deadline is 17/02/2023

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