The PhD Course in Life Sciences and Biotechnologies, promoted by lecturers belonging to three Departments of the University of Sassari, intends to be an advanced training centre, open to young Italian and foreign graduates, with the following objectives: to offer high scientific qualification in both basic and applied research; to develop aptitude for national and international scientific cooperation; to stimulate the capacity for autonomous research both in terms of scientific understanding and technological spin-offs of the research topics studied.

ART. 5 – How to apply:

Applicants must submit their application by selecting, within the PhD Course, the administrative category corresponding to the scholarship for which they intend to participate, in accordance with the provisions of Attachment 1 to the notice. The choice of administrative category will be binding as the rankings will be divided by administrative category. In the same PhD Course it is possible to apply for only one administrative category.
The application may be modified by the candidate, also with regard to the choice of PhD course or administrative category, within the deadline established in the present call. Any application received by the Office after this deadline will not be taken into consideration.

Applicants are required to upload a duplex (front and back) copy of their ID/Passport (in PDF format only).
Sub-conditional candidates must also certify their status using Annex 3 to the notice. Candidates with disabilities and candidates with DSA, in accordance with Law no. 104 of 5 February 1992, as amended and supplemented, and Law no. 170 of 8 October 2010, may explicitly request, in relation to their own needs, the necessary aids and any additional time with respect to those established for the generality of candidates, as well as any additional measures to ensure equal opportunities in the performance of the competition. These conditions must be proven by appropriate medical certification issued by the competent health authorities.

In the event of written tests being held, candidates with a certificate of disability or certification pursuant to law no. 104 of 1992, issued by the competent local medical board proving the type of disability and/or the degree of recognised handicap, will be entitled to additional time not exceeding 50% over and above the time set aside for the test; candidates with a diagnosis of specific learning disorders (DSA) pursuant to law no. Candidates with a diagnosis of specific learning disorders (DSA), as defined in Law 170/2010, with appropriate certification issued by NHS structures or by organisations and specialists accredited by the same, will be entitled to an additional time not exceeding 30%.

Applications must be submitted, on penalty of exclusion, by 1 pm of 17th February 2023 (CET) only by connecting to and logging in the personal area (or registering if the UNISS web service is used for the first time).
Applications must be submitted to the modes provided by the “How to submit an application” document published on the same page of the UNISS website where the call is published.

If required, the application may be modified directly by the applicant, within the terms of this notice, only via the website, by logging in, selecting the call and clicking on “edit” (modifica).
In this regard, please refer to the separate Tutorial available at
The applications filed, for any reason, after the terms and/or in ways other than those set forth in this call, will not be accepted.

Those who have selected ‘I request assistance and/or specialised tutoring services’ in the on-line registration procedure must make an explicit request for the necessary aid by sending an e-mail to Failure to indicate the state of disability when registering online, or to send an email requesting assistance, will not ensure that the necessary aids are provided in time for the tests to be held.

In the case of particularly serious certified DSA, the use of the following compensatory tools may be allowed: non-scientific calculator, video magnifier or the assistance of a reader chosen by the University Commission in charge of examining the certifications submitted with the support of appropriate experts. The following instruments are not permitted in any case: dictionary and/or vocabulary (except those that may be made available by the Competition Committee), formulary, periodic table of elements, conceptual map, personal computer, tablet, smartphone, smartwatch and other similar instruments.

Help for online services for applicants is available via e-mail to

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Applications deadline is 17/02/2023

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