Post-Doctoral Fellow Position in Plant Functional Genomics Department of Biological Sciences University of Alberta Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Plant Functional Genomics Group Call Closes: April 3rd 2023 Introduction: The post-doctoral fellow will join the multi-year; multi-institutional Genome Canada funded project TRIA-FoR, which is based in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in the laboratory of Dr. R. Glen Uhrig.

The University of Alberta is a Top 5 Canadian university, with the Department of Biological Sciences offering a diverse and vibrant community for research and education. The main research focus of the Uhrig lab is to understand how plant cells regulate their function using advanced proteomics, biochemistry and genomics, focusing on the impact of post-translational modifications (PTMs). Protein phosphorylation is the most widely occurring PTM and is important for regulating diverse biological processes such as growth, signaling and responses to stress in plants.

The Uhrig lab focuses on studying regulatory protein phosphorylation in a diel context using a variety of plant models. Research and Training: The current TRIA-FoR project is a multi-year, multi-insitutional Genome Canada funded project. As part of this project, the Uhrig lab will employ quantitative proteomics in conjunction with advanced plant molecular biology, biochemistry, and genetics to characterize and validate host disease resistance targets related to mountain pine beetle. Correspondingly, the candidate post-doctoral fellow will be expected to learn and deploy a variety of these cutting-edge techniques to accomplish this task.

It is expected that the outcomes of this project will feed into the larger collaborative and applied research efforts of TRIA-FoR, aimed at enhancing pine resiliency to mountain pine beetle. Within the general scope of the project, the candidate post-doctoral fellow will be encouraged to develop independent and creative lines of inquiry, with support from Dr. R. Glen Uhrig, while being provided training and professional development support to prepare them for careers in either academia or industry.

Applicant Qualifications:

1.A demonstrated ability to work both independently as well as part of a team.
2.Good communication skills and team work attitude, with a desire to mentor.

  1. Demonstrated leadership abilities
  2. Demonstrated experience in plant science and/or biochemistry.
  3. Hands-on Experience with advanced molecular / biochemical techniques.

Primary Job Expectations:

  • Designing and executing advanced plant molecular-biochemical experimentation
  • Generating and screening gene-deficient and over-expression plant lines
  • Transient protein expression in heterologous systems
  • Performing advanced plant biochemical research including quantitative proteomics
  • Phenotyping plants for morphological changes and other plant traits
  • Mentorship of graduate students
  • Collaboratively intersect with partner TRIA-FoR labs
  • Write and published manuscripts

Eligibility and Finances:

Salary will be commensurate with experience and the University of Alberta salary scale. Interested post-doctoral fellows candidates are highly encouraged to apply for eligible internal and external fellowships and will receive active support from the Uhrig lab in these funding applications.

The Uhrig lab encourages students from all backgrounds and nationalities to apply, and strives to offer a diverse, supportive, and healthy work environment. Appointment Start Date: May-June 2023

Contact: Interested applicants should send a 2-page CV to ( that includes references. Only short-listed applicants will have their references solicited for letters of recommendation and be asked to interview via Zoom.

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