Recruiting: 3 jobs now open to work with Photosynthesis Research at the Lancaster Environment Centre RIPEproject 2 Postdoc and 1 technical specialist working with us on Rubisco regulation & thermal tolerance of cowpea & soybean.

Applications are now open for two postdoctoral researchers in plant molecular physiology and one specialist biochemistry technician within the team.

These new positions are to work on the recently funded phase 3 of the RIPE project. We aim to contribute to end hunger worldwide by improving the complex process of photosynthesis to increase crop production. At Lancaster, we focus on improving the regulation of Rubisco and the thermal tolerance of carbon assimilation in the legume crops cowpea and soybean.

These three new positions will join an existing RIPE team consisting of PIs, research technicians and postgraduate students. The team works collaboratively to deliver the project milestones, advance knowledge on Rubisco and its regulation, and contribute to making cowpea and soybean more productive and climate resilient.

To learn more on these 3 positions please follow the links below the Lancaster University Jobs page.
Please note that for each position we are open to applications of varying experience.
Detailed instructions for preparing an application are available via the links.
Informal email enquiries to either Elizabete Carmo-Silva or Doug Orr are welcome, however applications will not be accepted via email.

Senior/Specialist Biochemistry Technician:

Senior/ Research Associate in Plant Molecular Physiology (Rubisco regulation):

Senior/ Research Associate in Plant Molecular Physiology (Thermal tolerance):

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