Plants can regulate their gene expression via epigenetic modifications, specifically DNA methylation and histone modifications. Plants have evolved epigenetic mechanisms to better adapt to biotic and abiotic stressors. Emerging evidence suggests that epigenetics plays a pivotal role in shaping plant immune responses. In the context of a BMBF-funded collaborative project on “Epigenetic editing of plant immunity genes to enhance disease resistance in crops”, we are looking for a highly motivated PhD candidate.

The central goal of the BMBF project is to exploit, for the first time, the molecular mechanism of epigenetics following the idea “from basic research to applied science” and to develop a novel, innovative and environmentally friendly crop protection technology.

Towards this goal, the Chair of Epigenetics in Hohenheim (AG Liu), the Institute of Genetics at the University of Giessen (AG Richter) and the Chair of Plant RNA Transport at the University of Regensburg (AG Koch) are collaborating.

The PhD candidate will contribute to adopt a modified CRISPR-dCas9 system (based on a deactivated (d)Cas9 inactive for nuclease activity, but functional for site-specific targeting), previously used in human cancer therapy to facilitate the epigenetic editing (EpiEdit) of plant immunity genes.

We are looking for a highly motivated scientist trained in molecular biology with a strong interest in interdisciplinary work at the interface of plant epigenetics and human biology and the response to stress. The person should have good problem-solving skills and be able to work independently. Fluency in English is a must. Ideally, the PhD candidate have experience with cell culture methods, cloning techniques and epigenetic analysis (methylation analysis) and CRISPR-Cas9.

Application deadline : 10.03.2023

Please attach the following documents to your application: Please send your comprehensive application including a letter of motivation (1 page), your CV, certificates, list of publications, and names of 2 potential referees as a single pdf file by email to: Applications will be reviewed regularly from February 10th 2023 on but accepted until a suitable candidate is found. The University of Hohenheim accepts applications via a secure internet site. To the application

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