About the Project: Funded PhD position at School of Biology and Environmental Sciences (SBES), University College Dublin (UCD) – Dublin, Ireland. Research area: Plant-microbial interactions during environmental stress

Plants recruit diverse rhizosphere microbiota which can help reshape the soil environment and provide complex functions to help support nutrient acquisition and stress tolerance.

The PhD candidate will explore new phytoremediation mechanisms in fast-growing trees and shared microbiome-mediated functionality with food crops. The research will include leading-edge multi-omics and phenotyping to capture and perturb plant-microbe interactions. The project will involve collaboration with Irish and Canadian academics as well as commercial biotechnology and urban agricultural partners.

Brereton Lab research:

•Plant multi-omic responses to environmental stress

•Rhizosphere microbial function during polyculture

•Woody plant cell wall and phytochemistry

•Environmental and clinical microbiome research

Brereton Lab applications:

•Decontamination of pollution using plants

•Extractable phytochemicals and fibre for biorefinery

•Research with government and commercial partners

•Enabling research within the space sciences sector

Application and Qualifications:

•Minimum educational background: BSc (2.1 or above, or equivalent), or an MSc degree within the plant, environmental or microbial sciences, or related discipline.

•Desirable experience: plant growth systems, microbial culture, DNA extraction and data analysis using R.

•The successful candidate should be enthusiastic, self-motivated, self-critical, and willing to learn.

•To apply send a single PDF incl. a brief CV, 1 page letter of motivation (research interests and goals), and contact details of two referees to: nicholas.brereton@ucd.ie (evaluation from March 1st, 2023, until position filled).

Pursuing a PhD at UCD:

•Includes a tax-free stipend of €18,000 per year and tuition fee coverage.

•SBES expects the PhD candidate to demonstrate each year, remunerated at an hourly rate.

•UCD is committed to creating an environment where diversity is celebrated and everyone is treated fairly – come and join the team!

•UCD is ranked in the top 1% of higher education institutions worldwide.

•The large city campus contains lakes, woodland walks, and wildlife.

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