PhD Position Fully Funded Metabolic Modelling and Dynamic Simulation of Plant-Microbe at University of Vienna: Research project: Metabolic modelling and dynamic simulation of plant-microbe ecology;

Description: The main goal of this project is to develop a framework for the computational study of interactions between microbial and plant metabolism, using constraint based metabolic models and dynamic simulation. A particular focus will be on symbiotic bacteria that colonize plant leaves, and that may apply a growth-promoting effect to the leaves. Still, the overall framework will be general enough so that it can easily be applied to alternative interactions, also with microbial communities.

Employment details: Duration of employment: The announcement is made for 3 years, whereby the employment relationship is initially limited to 1.5 years and is automatically extended to a total of 3 years, unless the employer submits a declaration of non-renewal after a maximum of 12 months. Extent of employment: 30 hours/week.

Your profile

  • MSc degree in molecular biology, microbiology, systems biology, bioinformatics, or related;
  • Knowledge of biochemical reaction pathways and metabolic networks;
  • Experience in programming for biological research, ideally in Python or a similar language;
  • Ability to communicate scientific research in English.

Your tasks

  • Metabolic network reconstruction and curation;
  • Simulation of constraint based metabolic network models with static and dynamic flux balance analysis.

More information on the department of Functional and Evolutionary Ecology:

The Department of Functional and Evolutionary Ecology within the Faculty of Life Sciences aims at a mechanistic understanding of ecological and evolutionary patterns and processes from organismic to ecosystem scale. Specifically, we study and teach biodiversity, symbioses, metabolic pathways, ecophysiology and ecosystem functioning in light of environmental change.

Gender equality, diversity and non-discrimination: The University pursues a non-discriminatory employment policy and values equal opportunities, as well as diversity. The University lays special emphasis on increasing the number of women in senior and in academic positions. Given equal qualifications, preference will be given to female applicants.

The University of Vienna has an institutionalised gender equality policy and within this framework VDSEE strives to strengthen the career development of female scientists at all qualifications levels and to support compatibility between family and work/training. The Gender Equality and Diversity unit of the University of Vienna provides services which, based on the issue of gender equality, aim at ensuring equal opportunities for all university members.

How to apply:

Apply via VDSEE –> choose Position “#1: Steffen Waldherr” Contact:

Deadline: 10th March 2023

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