Selection procedure for the awarding of 1 fixed-time research assistant contract/s for collaboration at research activity. Decree Nr. 301/2023 of 10/02/2023 – Call

Competence Center “Plant health”

Academic discipline: AGR/13 (Agricultural chemistry)

Academic recruitment field: 07/E1 (Agricultural chemistry, agricultural genetics and pedology)

Supervisor Prof./Dr.: Mimmo Tanja

Title of research project: Healthy Municipal Soils (HuMUS)

Description of the research activity: The Horizon Europe project HuMUS aims to facilitate the deployment of the Soil Mission across regions and municipalities, through: (i) the creation and experimentation of spaces for social dialogue on soil health among public and private actors in Europe; (ii) the promotion of a shared understanding and co-assessment exercises of soil challenges (biophysical and socio-economic dimensions); (iii) the enhancement of knowledge sharing among municipalities and regions.

The specific activities will focus on: -gathering desk analyses and preparatory initiatives to support the citizen and stakeholder dialogues -compiling information on soil health assessment methods that are commonly used by landusers/managers in the regions involved in the project and analyse their adaptation to local soil characteristics and/or specific land-uses and links to specific ecosystem services -support for the training material for Soil Stewards.

Additional research activities in the context of other research projects on similar topics may be defined in due course with the mutual agreement between research assistant and supervisor. If the supervision of this activity taking place within another project is done in detail by a different professor/researcher, the main supervisor has to explicitly countersign the part of the report regarding the activity on additional research projects. Place of work: Bolzano – Bozen

The gross annual remuneration: 30.492,70 €

Duration of the contract: 12 months – Renewable for the following number of times, each for 12 months, provided that the performed activity received a positive evaluation and the necessary funds are available: 1 time

Expected start of contract (dd-mm-yyyy): 01-05-2023

Minimum curricular requirements necessary in order to carry out the research with details of the scientific and professional profile required for the research activity:

Master (MSc or MA) (or final degree following the study conditions valid before the M.D. 509/99) or equivalent foreign study title in the following or a neighboring field: Agricultural Sciences or Agricultural Biotechnologies

Research methods and capabilities/abilities: Experience with quantitative and/or qualitative research methods as documented in the curriculum vitae (e.g. education, certificates, reports and publications, participation to projects).

Research methods and capabilities/abilities: Competences in the following field: Methods of soil analysis, Research and work experience: Research experience in the following area as documented in the curriculum vitae by publications, working papers, project management and participation in international conferences: Agricultural Chemistry

Preferential title: PhD or equivalent foreign study title in the following or a neighboring field: Agricultural Sciences. Type of selection: based on qualifications and oral exam, Oral exam: Languages of the oral exam: English, Duration of the oral exam (minutes): 30

The exam will be on: candidate’s previous research experience and careers; candidate’s scientific and professional experience with respect to the subjects connected to the research project of the call; candidate’s knowledge of research methods connected to the research project of the call. Knowledge of the following languages of the oral examination: English.

Call (PDF)

Online application (LINK)

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