Selection procedure for the awarding of 1 fixed-time research assistant contract/s for collaboration at research activity, Faculty of Science and Technology

Academic discipline: AGR/19 (Animal science)

Academic recruitment field: 07/G1 (Animal science and technology)

Supervisor Prof./Dr.: Matthias Gauly

Title of research project: Antiparasitic and anthelmintic mountain plants (HERBAL) + Comparison of dairy farming systems (CODA)

Description of the research activity: The objectives of the project are to evaluate the effect of a novel feed derived from alpine herb on the performance, health of poultry and the quality of their products. This will be achieved by a feeding experiment where the novel feed will be incorporated into the poultry ration.

To support the importance of adequate nutrition on production performance and product quality, further in vivo experiments will be conducted to determine the appropriate energy level of ruminants to avoid metabolic diseases. The research activity of the candidate will include laboratory and field experiments, data collection and analysis and scientific publications.

Additional research activities in the context of other research projects on similar topics may be defined in due course with the mutual agreement between research assistant and supervisor. If the supervision of this activity taking place within another project is done in detail by a different professor/researcher, the main supervisor has to explicitly countersign the part of the report regarding the activity on additional research projects.

Place of work: Bolzano – Bozen

The gross annual remuneration: 19.367,00 €

Duration of the contract: 12 months – Possible extension until the following date, whereas such an extension of the contract is necessary to complete the project and is subject to a positive assessment of the activity performed, as well as the availability of financial resources: 31-12-2024

Expected start of contract (dd-mm-yyyy): 01-07-2023

Minimum curricular requirements necessary in order to carry out the research with details of the scientific and professional profile required for the research activity:

Bachelor (BSc) or (BA) or equivalent foreign study title in the following or a neighboring field: Animal science or Veterinary Medicine or Biology. Research methods and capabilities/abilities: Competences in the following field: Animal Science or Veterinary Medicine

Research and work experience: Research experience in the following area as documented in the curriculum vitae by publications, working papers, project management and participation in international conferences: Animal Science or Veterinary Medicine

Language skills: Language certificate at level C1 for English according to the attached list of “Recognized language certificates and diplomas used in selection procedures and required for the award of financial benefits for language competence” (or native speaker)

Call (PDF)

List of recognized language certificates (PDF)

Online application (LINK)

Deadline for sending applications and publications: 14.03.2023 at 12:00 PM (noon)

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