The French National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food, and the Environment (INRAE) is a public research establishment. It is a community of 12,000 people with more than 200 research units and 42 experimental units located throughout France. The institute is among the world leaders in agricultural and food sciences, in plant and animal sciences, and is 11th in the world in ecology and environment.

INRAE’s main goal is to be a key player in the transitions necessary to address major global challenges. In the face of the increase in population, climate change, scarcity of resources and decline in biodiversity, the institute develops solutions for multiperformance agriculture, high quality food and sustainable management of resources and ecosystems.

A PostDoc position is available, starting date in autumn 2023 with a duration of 24 months (12-month renewable) at INRAE EABX in aquatic plant ecology.

Research context :

The PostDoc will work on a research project, Vigie-Lacs, dedicated to the improvement of the knowledge on the aquatic vegetation of natural shallow lakes. The main objective of Vigie-Lacs is to acquire scientific knowledge dedicated to the preservation of aquatic plant communities in oligotrophic softwater lakes, which are strongly threatened by human activities and climate change. Three research teams are involved in the project: EABX, BIOGECO and EPOC, calling upon several complementary scientific fields, such as community ecology, autoecology, biogeochemistry, biostatistics, genetics and limnology.

Working activities The PostDoc will implement the spatial modelling of the distribution of aquatic plants using hydromorphodynamic features of lakeshore zones. In particular, the PostDoc will :

1/ develop a predictive distribution model (SDMs) of macrophyte taxa, including rare-endangered species and invasive alien species, based on morphological (slopes, sinuosity, etc.) and hydrodynamic (exposure to waves and wind, sediment resuspension, etc.) characteristics and alterations of anthropogenic origin (shoreline artificialization, land use of riparian zones, etc.). This model will provide new insights into the definition of habitat preferences of aquatic plants in shallow lakes. It will provide predictive maps as a useful tool for the management of rare-endangered and invasive species.

2/ apply the predictive distribution model to different scenarios of water-level changes in shallow lakes caused by global warming. The main goal is to determine the potential distribution of aquatic plants in a projected low-water context and to evaluate the gain or loss of favourable biotopes for species.

The PostDoc will also contribute to the field surveys and carry out the spatial analyses involving biological and environmental data, select and implement the relevant method(s) for the spatial modelling of species (regression, machine learning, etc).

The PostDoc will analyse the results obtained and interpret them according to the existing literature and external data (metadata, weather data, numerical model outputs, etc.). Finally, he/she will write scientific reports and valorise the data obtained in scientific publications.

This PostDoc position is an opportunity to work in a high-level research team (INRAE EABX) and an interdisciplinary project with an excellent national and international network. We also offer a lot of scientific and technical facilities


  • Research Field; Environmental science » Ecology
  • Education Level; PhD or equivalent


  • PhD in biostatistics, biology/ecology or environmental sciences
  • Expertise in modelling (Species Distribution Models, SDMs)
  • Skills in plant ecology and physical limnology (especially hydromorphology)
  • Skills in processing numerous and complex data (biotic and abiotic data), expertise in statistical (R) and GIS tools (R, QGIS)
  • Taste for fieldwork
  • Ability to work, communicate and interact in a collaborative consortium. Both French and English spoken and written will be appreciated.


INRAE’s life quality The PostDoc will benefit from :

  • until 45 days of annual leave
  • parenting support: CESU childcare, leisure services
  • skills development systems: training, career advise
  • social support: advice and listening, social assistance and loans
  • holiday and leisure services: holiday vouchers, accommodation at preferential rates
  • sports and cultural activities
  • collective catering.

Selection process

Send a motivation letter end a CV to Vincent Bertrin :

 Deadline for applications: 30.04.2023

Additional comments

Reception modalities

  • Unit: INRAE EABX (Aquatic Ecosystems and Global Change)
  • City: Cestas (10km near Bordeaux, South-West France)
  • Type of contract: PostDoc
  • Duration of the contract: 12-month renewable
  • Starting date: Autumn 2023
  • Remuneration as a Researcher according to the level of experience : 2 604.47 to 2 832.42 euros (gross salary)

Where to apply:

To apply; Send applications to E-mail:

Contact E-Mail:   

Deadline for applications: 30.04.2023

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