1 PhD Position on Emerging Organic Contaminants in Fishery Products: The role: We are looking for a PhD student for 3-years full time position. This thesis will be supervised by Dr. Ethel Eljarrat and Dr. Maria Vittoria Barbieri (Environmental Chemistry Dept., ONHEALTH group). This position is funded by the ACCION Project: Aproximaciones científicas en la implementación de estrategias marinas: herramientas de gestión.

The project is aimed for an improvement in scientific knowledge on the state of the marine environment, its response and/or adaptation to climate change and integrate it into decision-making on its management. Our role will be focused on contamination in fishery products by studying the presence of new contaminants and identifying those to be incorporated by future European and International directives.

Main Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Development of analytical methodologies for the determination of persistent and emerging organic pollutants in different environmental and biota samples
  • Field work: sampling activities in the coastal area of Spain
  • Evaluation of the environmental and human health impact of persistent and emerging organic pollutants
  • Communication of results: preparation of scientific papers and participation in international and national conferences

What do we look for?

● Qualifications

MSc degree in Chemistry, Environmental Science or similar, preferably with analytical knowledge

● Professional experience

– Previous laboratory experience is required. – Experience with analysis of organic pollutants and previous knowledge on analytical methodologies, as well as on software tools for the processing and interpretation of data is not required but highly valued.

● Competences

Strong interest in emerging organic pollutants occurrence, fate, and impact on environmental and human health. Advanced spoken and written English is required.

Working conditions

  • Duration: Full time contract (37.5 hours/week) for 3 years.
  • Estimated annual gross salary: 28.000 – 30.000 € per year
  • Target start date: May-June 2023

The group: The research group led by Dr. Ethel Eljarrat is part of the ONHEALTH group at the Environmental Chemistry Dept., IDAEA-CSIC (Barcelona, Spain). Eljarrat group focuses its research on the presence, impact and fate of organic pollutants in terrestrial and aquatic environments, biota, food and humans, including not only those that are regulated in the legislation (brominated flame retardants) but also contaminants of emerging concern such as emerging halogenated flame retardants, chlorinated paraffins, organophosphate plasticizers etc. for which environmental occurrence and ecotoxicity data are very scarce.

The institute: The Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research (IDAEA) is an environmental science institute devoted to the study of the human footprint on the biosphere.

Much of the research work at this institute is centred on two of the great environmental challenges of our time: cleanliness and availability of water and quality of air. Founded in 2008 as a member of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), the Institute brings together a wide range of expertise in environmental science.

It is organized under two Departments (Environmental Chemistry and Geosciences), established with a strong record of publication in top scientific journals, leading international projects, membership on international committees, and adopting a high-profile contribution to the identification and remediation of environmental problems.

IDÆA has demonstrated strengths in the analysis of organic pollutants and their impact on ecosystems, the study and management of water resources, the development of multivariate resolution algorithms in chemometrics, and in the study of inhalable particulate matter and toxic gases.

IDÆA has been recently awarded with the distinctive Centre of Excellence “Severo Ochoa” (2020-2023), distinction that indicates the high-quality scientific leadership and global impact of the work developed at the centre.

We offer a diverse and inclusive environment where no discrimination against disability, gender, nationality, religion or sexual orientation will occur during the selection process.

How to apply?

Those interested may email their CV and motivation letter (optional) to Ethel Eljarrat (ethel.eljarrat@idaea.csic.es) and Maria Vittoria Barbieri (mariavittoria92@gmail.com), adding PhD POSITION to the email subject.

Deadline: April 30, 2023

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