Postdoctoral Researcher for the control of Drosophila suzukii, a key pest in soft fruits (projects V400-V4255 & V400-V4254) for the Sustainable Plant Protection Program [ref. 32/23]

IRTA is currently seeking an enthusiastic and motivated Postdoctoral Researcher with a PhD related to Agricultural Entomology to join the Sustainable Plant Protection Program. We invite applications from ambitious candidates with relevant research experience and passion to conduct research and innovation activities on innovative management tactics of Drosophila suzukii., Head of the Program: Dr. Jordi Riudavets

Program’s key researcher/s for this position: Dr. Judit Arnó, Job location: IRTA Cabrils, Full-time position: 37.5 h/week, Terms of appointment: Temporary contract for 2 years, Gross Salary: 32,279,50€/year corresponding to category F at IRTA’s salary scale.

Employee Benefits: 22 vacation days, 3 days of family & work conciliation, 45h of personal days, Friday afternoon off, Compressed Summer schedule from 15/06 to 15/09, Work/Family conciliation schedule.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Contribute to the activities of the research Program, performing scientific and technical tasks, taking part in the planning and execution of the experiments to ensure the achievement of milestones of the research projects.
  • Perform literature review, data collection and management, involving statistical analysis.
  • Contribute to the scientific production of the research and innovation activities of the Program.
  • Collaborate with the teamwork and team-spirit in the Sustainable Plant Protection Programme, fostering collaboration and integration activities.

IRTA IRTA is a research institute owned by the Government of Catalonia ascribed to the Ministry of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda. IRTA is one of the CERCA centers of excellence of the Catalan Research System. Our purpose is to contribute to the modernization, competitiveness and sustainable development of agriculture, food and aquaculture sectors, the supply of healthy and quality foods for consumers and, generally, improving the welfare and prosperity of the society.

We are granted by the EU with the HRS4RHRS4R HRS4R distinction for “HR Excellence in Research” and thus we offer a rich environment for knowledge development and exchange where to develop a scientific career, and possibilities for professional promotion according to the attained achievements. Check our initiatives herehereherehere .

Required qualifications and experience

  • Ph.D. in Agricultural Entomology, Biological Control of arthropods, or related fields.
  • A good track record of scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals
  • Proved research skills in experimental design and implementation, data analysis, scientific article writing.
  • Dissemination skills: presentation/communication skills, and technical writing.
  • Proved research skills: experience on project proposal writing, literature review, experimental design and implementation, data analysis, scientific article writing.

Desirable requirements

  • Driving licence.
  • Ability to work in a team.
  • Flexibility and adaptation to new challenges.
  • Quality and detail orientation.
  • Planning and organization.


  • Proficiency in English.
  • Catalan and Spanish are valued.

Application process

If you wish to be considered for this position, please, apply via our Recruitment Platform to the job post with reference 32-23 and upload your CV and motivation letter. All information will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Timings in the Recruitment Process of ref. 32-23 Postdoctoral Researcher for the control of the control of Drosophila suzukii, a key pest in soft fruits (projects V400-V4255 & V400-V4254) for the Sustainable Plant Protection Program 30 natural days, Publication and diffusion of the job advertisement on IRTA

Distribution of the pre-selected CVs which matching eligibility criteria to the Recruitment Committee. Communication via e-mail with the not pre-selected candidates who will not be further included in the process.

Deadline for application: 29/03/2023,

Recruitment Committee:

– Communication via e-mail with the not-selected candidates by the Recruitment Committee.

– Interview with selected candidates by the Recruitment Committee.

– Accord of the Recruitment Committee stating the selected candidate and detailed reasoning for the decline of the rest of the candidates.

– Communication via e-mail with the interviewed and not-selected candidates 10 following working days Provision by the selected candidate of requested legal and official documentation to the HR department to coordinate the start of the candidate.

Second trimester 2023 Start of employment

IRTA guarantees an open, transparent, and merit-based recruitment process (OTM-R) to all registered candidacies avoiding thus any bias on gender, origin, age, ideology, or other circumstances that could be discriminatory. Candidates in a situation of social exclusion will be considered in the first place.

Please know that if you are the chosen candidate and you are from a country which does not belong to the UE, IRTA’s  Human Resources Department will support you to get the residence and working permits.

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