We are looking for highly motivated, hardworking students who have a passion for the conservation of freshwater ecosystems to join the NRI Mussel Lab. We have one PhD graduate assistantship and one MS graduate assistantships available under the supervision of Dr. Charles Randklev and Dr. Roel Lopez in the Texas A&M Natural Resource Institute and Department of Rangeland, Wildlife and Fisheries Management.

The PhD assistantship will focus on using structure decision making to help guide mussel natural resource management. For the MS assistantship, this project will focus on a literature review of invasive species and analysis of mark-recapture data.


Required:  For PhD assistantship – MS in Biology or related field; previous research experience in environmental modeling and statistics; GPA >3.5; GRE scores >70th percentile (156 verbal and 159 quantitative). PADI, or equivalent, SCUBA certification. For MS assistantship – BS in Biology or related field; previous research experience in aquatic ecology, community ecology, or ecotoxicology; GPA >3.0; GRE scores > 60th percentile (153 verbal and 156 quantitative).

All applicants should have strong analytical, oral, and written communication skills, plus detail oriented and can work independently; valid driver’s license and insurance are required; must be comfortable in the water and outdoors in both the heat and cold.

Preferred:  For PhD assistantship – publications using structured decision making, strong statistical background, and ability to code; For MS assistantship – research experience with mark-recapture studies; PADI, or equivalent, SCUBA certification.

To apply: Before applying, please email a single PDF document to BOTH Dr. Randklev (crandklev@ag.tamu.edu)  AND Dr. Lopez (roel.lopez@ag.tamu.edu)  that contains: (1) a letter of interest describing your qualifications, experience and background, and which position you are applying to (2) your CV, (3) GRE scores, (4) GPA and unofficial transcripts, and (5) contact information for 3 academic/research references. Feel free to contact us for more information about the graduate program, our research, and specifics about the project.

Salary: $32,000 to $35,000

Last Date to Apply: 05/31/2023

Contact Person: Charles Randklev; Contact eMail crandklev@ag.tamu.edu

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