As part of the Climate Adaptation through Agriculture & Soil Management (CASM) initiative in the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences at NCSU, we are hiring a postdoctoral research position related to mitigating climate change through soil carbon sequestration and GHG emission reduction in agricultural systems.

We are seeking a highly motivated postdoctoral research associate to develop and expand the GHG program in the Sustainable Soils Lab. The successful candidate needs to demonstrate strong expertise in agrometeorological measurement of GHG emissions including eddy covariance techniques.

This includes experience with field instrumentation maintenance (data loggers, soil sensors etc.) and management of large continuous data sets including processing and data quality control. In addition, experience with GHG analytical equipment, fundamental knowledge in nitrogen and carbon cycling and experience with field-based research is desired.

Major Responsibilities include: (1) Manage and conduct novel research at a 32-acre field-scale micrometeorological experiment focused on climate-smart practices located at the Tidewater Research Station measuring nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide emissions, energy balance and water dynamics in diverse crop rotation systems. (2) Assist in the continuous monitoring experiment using automated chambers for measurement of CO2, N2O, and NH3 located within a long-term study in eastern NC. (3) The individual will also have the opportunity to work in other GHG and soil carbon experiments in the lab and greenhouse scale as part of the larger CASM team.

Qualifications: Ph.D. in a discipline relevant to soil carbon and nitrogen dynamics, micrometeorology and agronomy; experience using and maintaining analytical equipment used to quantify GHGs and SOC; experience managing field experiments (preferably agricultural); and excellent writing and communication skills in English.

For more information see link below.

Postdoc Position_Woodley_NCSU_2023

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