Biodiversity is an essential part of Nature and is even more attracting attention by research and public opinion on the future of the Earth. Biodiversity can be investigated through basic and applied research (genetics, agronomy, economics, crop protection against harmful organisms, environmental sciences, etc.).

This PhD is characterized by a strong interdisciplinary approach over all these themes in four curricula: Plant genetics and biotechnology; Environmental sciences; Sustainable Mediterranean agriculture; Crop protection.

The goal of the PhD is to provide skills in the research themes with a holistic viewpoint, and educates researchers for public and private research activity, and in private enterprises involved in healthcare, agriculture and management of the environment.



The public selection for admission to the PhD Courses of the XXXVIII cycle, Academic Year 2022/2023, with administrative headquarters at the University of Bari Aldo Moro, with the assignment of n. 3 additional PhD scholarships funded by INPS.

As part of the call published by INPS addressed to universities entitled “Research and selection of PhDs in the field of: industry 4.0 and sustainable development; welfare and well-being; statistical and actuarial sciences”, for the provision of 100 scholarships, reserved for children and orphans of members of the unitary management of credit and social services and retired users of the Public Employees Management, for the University of Bari Aldo Moro n. 3 project proposals were admitted with relative funding of n. 3 additional doctoral scholarships, compared to those financed by the MUR, in favor of children and orphans:

  • employees and pensioners of the public administration enrolled in the unitary management of credit and social services
  • retired users of the Public Employees Management.

Specifically, the n. 3 additional doctoral scholarships are divided as follows:

  1. BIODIVERSITY, AGRICULTURE AND ENVIRONMENT – curr. Genetics and Plant Biotechnology Varietal innovation in olive after Xylella infection.
  2. BIODIVERSITY, AGRICULTURE AND ENVIRONMENT – curr. Mediterranean Sustainable Agriculture Assessing biodiversity carbon storage capacity and resilience for sustainable forest management.
  3. BIODIVERSITY, AGRICULTURE AND ENVIRONMENT – curr. Crop Protection Innovative techniques of in vitro culture of plant tissues applied to plant species interesting as crops.

The selection and assignment of scholarships will take place exclusively on related topics for the description of which please refer to the attached forms, which are an integral part of this decree, containing information also on the methods and dates of completion of the admission tests.

The submission of the application for admission, according to the procedures referred to in art. 3 implies acceptance by candidates of the rules contained in this announcement. Considering that the objective of this call for applications is the assignment of positions with scholarships financed by INPS and taking into account the sustainability declared by this University to the MUR during the accreditation phase of the XXXVIII cycle doctoral courses, it is represented that there are no positions for winners without scholarship or supernumerary admissions.

The PhD Courses have a three-year duration whose start is scheduled for 1 June 2023. The use of the masculine gender has no discriminatory character but, understood as neutral gender, responds only to the needs of more immediate communication.

This announcement has the value of notification to all intents and purposes, therefore candidates are required to follow the indications specified in the doctorate form attached to this decree for the completion of the tests. The absence of the candidate in the test/tests, whatever the cause, will therefore be considered as a waiver of the competition.


Candidates: Children and orphans of:

  • enrolled in the unitary management of credit and social services
  • of retired users of the Public Employees Management
  • who have obtained one of the following qualifications:
  • degree awarded under the system “vecchio ordinamento” in place prior to the one introduced by Ministerial Decree (D.M.) no. 509 of 03 November 1999, amended by Ministerial Decree (D.M.) no. 270 of 22 October 2004;
  • “laurea specialistica” or “laurea magistrale” (second cycle degree);
  • second-level academic qualification (“titoli accademici di secondo livello”) awarded by Institutions belonging to the AFAM (“Alta Formazione Artistica e Musicale”) sector;
  • master’s degree awarded abroad, recognised as such solely for the purpose of admission to the competition.

A) Admission to the selection for the candidates with an academic degree conferred abroad

Those in possession of a degree from a foreign university which has not yet been declared equivalent to an Italian degree will have to apply for their equivalence solely for the purposes of admission to the Ph.D. programme for which they intend to apply.

In such case, in order to allow for assessment of the qualification, application for participation must be accompanied, by the following documentation: • (In the case of Italian and EU citizens) Self-certification, according to D.P.R. 445/2000 and subsequent modifications, of the academic qualification obtained with details of examinations, the relative results and the legal duration of the programme.

(Non-EU citizens) A certificate attesting to the academic qualification obtained with details of examinations, the relative results and the legal duration of the programme together with a translation into Italian and/or english. The translation must be signed under the applicant’s own responsibility in order to allow the qualification to be recognized.

The suitability of qualifications obtained abroad will be evaluated by the Judging Commission in accordance with the regulations in force in Italy and in the country where the qualification was obtained and relative treaties and international agreements on the recognition of qualifications for the continuation of studies.

In case of admission to the Ph.D. programme, applicants must submit, within 60 days from the date of registration, the following documentation:

• Curricular qualifications translated into Italian and legalized by the relevant Italian diplomatic or consular representations abroad;

• “declaration of value ” of the qualification obtained abroad issued by the competent diplomatic or consular representations abroad alternatively, the Certificate of comparability of the foreign university qualification issued by the ENIC-NARIC center in Italy (CIMEA) can be presented, which contains all the information necessary for the evaluation of the qualification. In case of doubts about the qualification validity, the University also reserve the right to request the “Certificate of equivalence of qualification” to those who have obtained a qualification in a European Union country.

The annual amount of the scholarship of Euro 16,243.00 is subject to the INPS social security contribution under separate management.


The application for participation in the selection must be submitted using only the appropriate procedure made available at: no later than 2 May, 2023 at 12.00 pm (Italian time)

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