Towards a PhD in Plant Biotechnology: (ref. BAP-2023-247): The lab of Plant Translational Biology is situated in the Division of Molecular Biotechnology of Plants and Micro-organisms and part of the Leuven Plant Institute. The lab performs research on crops, such as wheat, barley and sugar beet and the model system Brachypodium, by use of biochemical, biotechnological and genetic methods.

These methods include the biochemical isolation of RNA-protein complexes, the screening for mutants, genetic transformation of the crops to validate hypotheses, etc. There are three topics that are actively pursued: (1) Flowering time, which has adaptive significance and influences yield, (2) Seed dormancy and its relation to pre-harvest sprouting, (3) Infectious diseases, such as viral infections.

Project: The project will be determined in agreement with the candidate and will be related to the diverse ongoing research lines in the lab. Contact Prof. Koen Geuten to set up a discussion on possible topics. 

Offer: We offer a one year research position with the goal of preparing and applying for an FWO pre-doctoral mandate. 

Profile: You have a degree in Biochemistry & Biotechnology, Biology or Bio-Engineering or related and eligible to apply for a basic or strategic FWO fellowship at the end of the one year position.

Interested?: For more information please contact Prof. dr. Koen Geuten, tel.: +32 16 32 15 41, mail: You can apply for this job no later than June 16, 2023 via the online application tool

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