All descriptions of the PhD research projects attached below.

Admission requirements:

  • Applications are open without any limitation of nationality or age to candidates who, by the deadline fixed by the present call, hold either: a. a Laurea (Vecchio Ordinamento) issued by an Italian University or
  • b. a Laurea specialistica /magistrale issued by an Italian University or
  • c. any foreign second level/master level degree suitable for access to Ph.D. courses in the country where it was issued.

2. The suitability of the foreign degree is assessed by the selection committee with respect to the rules in force both in Italy and in the country where the degree was issued, and according to international agreements on degrees recognition.

3. Applications are also open to candidates regularly enrolled in their final year of Laurea Vecchio ordinamento, Laurea specialistica/magistrale or foreign degree course who obtain their final degree by no later than July 31st 2023.

In case these candidates pass the selection procedure, their admission to the Ph.D. course is subject to the submission of a self-certification of degree completion (for holders of Laurea Vecchio Ordinamento or Laurea Specialistica/Magistrale) or a degree certificate (for holders of a degree issued by a foreign university) at the time of the enrolment procedure.

Failure to submit the aforementioned documents within the abovementioned deadline will lead to the exclusion from the doctoral program.

4. Specific entry requirements (additional to those already provided for in this article) are reported in the information sheets (annexes 1-19) which constitute integral and substantial part of this Call.

Art. 3 – Application form

1. The application form is web based and must be completed electronically through the University of Catania online application system available at APPLY NOW below according to the guidelines in paragraph 10 of the present article. The closing date for the application is June 6th 2023, 2 pm (Italian time).

2. An application fee of € 30,00 as contribution to the costs for the organization of the selection procedure is required. The application fee must be paid according to the guidelines in paragraph. 10, let. g) of the present article by no later than June 6th 2023.

3. The application form, to be completed either in Italian or in English, must contain the following data: a) candidate’s name and surname, fiscal code, date and place of birth, address (including postal code), telephone number and e-mail;

  • b) candidate’s nationality;
  • c) name of the Ph.D. course for which the candidate intends to apply;
  • d) name of the candidate’s degree;
  • e) disability with relative percentage, if any;
  • f) declaration of commitment to immediately communicate to the e-mail address any change of address, telephone number or e-mail address;
  • g) declaration of acknowledgment of the content of the present call.

4. The following annexes must be attached to application form: a) Curriculum vitae et studiorum /Resume, duly dated and signed, containing the authorization to the treatment of personal data according to the regulation in force;

b) One of the following documents concerning admission requirements: – Self-certification of successful completion of the degree course, for candidates with Laurea Vecchio Ordinamento, Laurea specialistica or Laurea magistrale issued by an Italian university, including the study plan, the transcript of records and the final grade;

  1. Bachelor and Master degree certificates (including transcript of records, final grade and date of the award of the degree) and request of equivalence (according to the form included in annex n.20, integral to this call), for graduates from foreign universities plus Request of suitability according to annex 20;
  2. Self-certification of enrolment in the final year of the degree course, including transcripts of records, for candidates enrolled in the last year of Laurea Vecchio Ordinamento, Laurea Specialistica and Laurea Magistrale at any Italian Universities, who will complete the course and obtain the degree by no later than July 31st 2023;
  3. Bachelor degree certificate plus a certificate attesting the status of student in the final year, including transcripts of records, for candidates from foreign university who will complete their Master course and obtain the degree by no later than July 31st 2023;
  4. c) Research project related to one of the topic reported in the Information sheet of the Ph.D. course for which the candidate intends to apply;
  5. d) List of publications with relative abstracts, if any;
  6. e) Documents attesting the knowledge of the foreign language reported in the information sheet of the Ph.D. course chosen by the candidate as well as further linguistic skills or computer skills, if any;
  7. f) Request of application for places reserved to graduates from foreign universities, where applicable (annex 21);
    1. g) Videoconference request form (annex 22);
    1. h) Documents concerning the completion of further university courses, if any;
    1. i) Copy of current Identity document (e.g. Passport);

5. All annexes listed in par. 4 must be uploaded in PDF format onto the online application system one by one. When the size of a document exceeds the maximum size permitted by the online system, the document must be divided into two or more parts to be uploaded separately. No other format than PDF is accepted.

6. All annexes can be either in English or in Italian. Any annex in a language other than English or Italian must be accompanied by a legal translation in English or in Italian, under penalty of inadmissibility to evaluation.

7. Candidates who intend to apply for two or more different Ph.D. courses must complete two or more application forms separately and pay the application fee of € 30,00 for each application.

8. Application forms will not be considered if either incomplete or submitted with different modalities or after the deadline indicated in this article. Furthermore, application forms will not be considered if the application fee is paid after the deadline indicated in par. 2 of this article.

9. Candidates are strongly advised to complete the application procedure well in advance of the expiration date of this call in order to avoid the clogging of the online system due to the number of applications. The University is not responsible whereas the candidate cannot complete the application procedure because of unforeseeable circumstances, force majeure or any event not imputable to the university’s administration.

10. Candidates are the sole responsible for the authenticity of the information included both in the application form and in the annexes. The university’s administration is entitled to scrutinize the application forms and related annexes according to the legislation in force and exclude, in any moment and provided a proper motivation, those candidates whose applications do not comply with the requirements of this call.

b) Complete the registration entering his/her personal data in order to receive personal access credentials (candidates already registered with the University’s online system proceed from c);

c) Enter his/her personal credentials in the login box in order to access to his/her personal account;

d) Once in his/her personal account, in the box “Enrolment” click in order “Doctorate” and “Admittance test”;

e) Choose the Ph.D. course for which they intend to apply;

f) Enter the data required by the online system and check their correctness;

g) Upload all the documents required in par. 4 of this article in PDF format onto the online application system;

h) Confirm the data clicking the apposite confirmation command;

i) Pay the application fee according to the procedure provided for in the online system;

j) Print and save a copy of the confirmation of the completion of the application procedure.

12. Candidates with disability higher than 66% who need assistance during the examination must submit formal request to the University’s Centre for the Inclusion of people with disability and DSA, Via A. di Sangiuliano 259, 95131 Catania, tel. 095/7307182-189-188, e-mail:,  reporting the name of the Ph.D. course for which they have applied.

All documents attached to the announcement:


Information Sheet Agricultural, food and environmental science

Information Sheet Biotecnologie (Biotechnologies)

Other forms

Guidelines for foreing applicants- Step 1 Registration

Guidelines for foreign applicants – Step 2 Application

Guidelines for foreign applicants – Step 3 application

Guidelines for foreing applicants – final step “Payment of the application fee”


OR Go to complete the application procedure, each candidate must: Go to  

This request must be submitted by no later than June 6th 2023, 2 pm (Italian time).


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