The Chair in functional genomics of plant pathosystems located in the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières (Canada) invites applications for international students at the Ph.D. level.* Located in Trois-Rivières (province of Quebec, Canada) the University of Trois-Rivières is a research focused institution that provides outstanding support to its graduate students.

The Research Chair is seeking applicants at the Ph.D. level for projects in Molecular Plant Microbe Interaction and fundamental cell biology more specifically in nuclear membrane biology in the lab of Hugo Germain. The candidate must hold a Master Degree (or must be finishing a Master degree) or equivalent diploma, and must have exceptional academic record.

The application is a competition for a scholarship of 20-25 000$CAD/year for three years to be issued by the FRQNT (a provincial funding agency). Excellence of the candidate, both at the academic level and in research as well the fit of the candidate with the project, demonstrated by previous research experience and interest of the candidate will be decisive factors.

To apply: Candidates have to send their CV, including a *list of their publications* in peer reviewed journal to  <  >*, indicate in object *PhD Application*. All documents have to be sent before July 1st 2023.

The candidate(s) selected by the university to participate in the competition will be informed of its application status by September (*the candidates that have not been notified by September will not have been pre-selected and should not try to contact us with regards to their application status*).

Then the candidate will be invited to submit a formal grant application (October 2023), the results of the competition will be released in April 2024. Candidates having their own funding (full or partial) are also welcome to apply.

Candidates that belong to minorities (religious, cultural, ethnic, tribal, racial, linguistic, sexual) are welcome to apply. Although applicants from all countries are welcome, funding for students from Wallonia (french part of Belgium), Israel, Brazil and India will be given priority.

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