University of Messina is located in Messina, Italy and is featured in the best 1000 universities in the world, according to the most well-known international university rankings. Find out its position in each of these rankings or see what other universities made the ranking lists. Public competition, by qualifications and examinations, for admission to phd courses activated at the university of messina 39th cycle:

PhD program (Third Cycle of study) represents the highest level of postgraduate studies and it aims to provide the skills necessary to carry out highly qualified research activities. The PhD training course lasts 3 years. To access it is necessary to have a Master’s degree or any other suitable qualification, also obtained abroad.

Admission is based on a competitive exam. UniME selection PhD Call is issued annually for all PhD Programmes.  39th PhD CALL, BY QUALIFICATIONS AND EXAMINATIONS, FOR ADMISSION TO PHD COURSES ACTIVATED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MESSINA A.Y. 2023/2024 (deadline 15/07/2023 h. 23:59)

39th cycle PhD Call is composed by 15 attachments of the PhD courses, with the specification of: web page for viewing the PhD attachment, available PhD positions (with and without scholarship), affiliated external bodies financiers of scholarships and in partnership, qualification required for access, documents to be attached to the application, scores to be attributed for qualifications and exams and participation fee.

Eligibility criteria:

Selection, by qualifications and examinations, according to the modalities and criteria indicated in the Call and in compliance with the scores indicated in Attachments No. 1-15 of this Call.

Research Field:

    Biological sciences » Biology

    Chemistry » Inorganic chemistry

    Economics » Management studies

    Engineering » Civil engineering

    Engineering » Industrial engineering

    Engineering » Biomedical engineering

    Physics » Applied physics

    Mathematics » Applied mathematics

    Psychological sciences » Cognitive science

    Political sciences » Governance

    History » Archaeology

    Juridical sciences » Private law

    Juridical sciences » Criminal law

    Juridical sciences » Public law

    Language sciences » Philology

    Medical sciences » Medicine

    Medical sciences » Veterinary medicine

    Agricultural sciences » Agricultural products

    Agricultural sciences » Zootechnics

    Philosophy » Aesthetics

    Philosophy » Ethics

    Philosophy » Philosophy of science

    Anthropology » Other

How to apply:

The procedure for submitting the application is available on Esse3 platform. starting from 16/06/2023, by logging in:

for candidates who are Italian citizens, they will have to access the Esse3 platform, using SPID credentials; for info click here.

for foreign candidates, they will be able to access using Esse3 credentials obtained by clicking here

In the sections below, the following will be published for each PhD course concerned:

  1. D.R. establishing the PhD Examination Commission
  2. Oral test calendar and link to Microsoft TEAMS classroom
  3. Report n.1 containing the criteria of valuation of titles
  4. D.R. approval of final acts (admission)


PhD Call 39th Cycle a.y. 2023/2024







Telefono: 090 676 8716/8502/8286/8281/8277


The deadline for online submission of applications for admission to the PhD Call is 15/07/2023 h. 23:59.

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