Doctoral courses of the XXXIX cycle a.y. 2023/2024: A public selection is called for admission to the doctoral courses of nazional interest XXXIX cycle, a.y. 2023/2024 with administrative headquarters at the University of Perugia, as per Annex 1, which is an integral part of this Announcement. Access to the courses takes place in accordance with the procedures established pursuant to Articles 14, 15, 16, 17 of the University Regulations for Doctoral Courses, issued by R.D. no. 620 of 11.03.022 and specified for each Course in Annex 1 above. This announcement is issued pending the adoption of the accreditation decree by the MUR. The effectiveness of the selections made under this notice is conditional on the accreditation by the MUR of the relevant doctoral courses.

The assignment of the grants under the DD.MM. 117 and 118 of 2.03.2023 as set out in Annex 1 hereto, is conditional upon the admission for funding of the relevant project proposals by the MUR.

The awarding of grants on the basis of third-party funding is subject to the finalisation of the funding itself, in accordance with the terms set out in Annex 1. Art.2 Admission requirements Those eligible to apply to take part in the selection referred to in the preceding article, without any nationality restrictions, are those who • On the date of 7 October 2023, the deadline for enrolment in the doctoral programme (Article 8, paragraph 2 of Ministerial Decree 226/2021) and in any case no lather than the course start, date scheduled for November 1, 2023, under penalty of forfeiture of the right to admission in the event of a positive outcome of the selection procedure, have obtained the qualification required for admission, i.e. a master’s degree (laurea magistrale’) – pursuant to Ministerial Decree 270/2004, a specialist degree (‘laurea specialistica’) – pursuant to

Ministerial Decree 509/1999, or a degree awarded in accordance with the regulations prior to the entry into force of Ministerial Decree 509/1999, at Italian universities, in accordance with the specifications for each doctoral programme in Annex 1 of this call for applications. 509/1999, at Italian universities, in accordance with the specifications for each doctoral course in Attachment 1 to this call for applications concerning the degrees required for admission, or are in possession of an academic qualification obtained abroad corresponding to those required for the course of interest in Annex 1, submitted at the same time as the application for admission and accompanied by the relevant documentation, recognised as equivalent, with a reasoned and detailed decision, by the Selection Committee at the request of the interested party;

the equivalence of the foreign qualification, which is valid only for the purposes of admission to the tests, is recognised in compliance with the regulations in force on the subject in Italy and in the country where the qualification was awarded and with international treaties or agreements on the recognition of qualifications for the pursuit of studies; with reference to the documentation that candidates with academic qualifications obtained abroad must produce,

Please refer to art. 3. • If the qualification is obtained after the selection tests, admission will be subject to reservation. The relevant documentation, aimed at lifting the reservation, must be submitted by 7 October 2023 and in any case no lather than the course start date scheduled for november 1, 2023.

Research Areas:

01 – Mathematical and computer sciences

02 – Physical sciences

03 – Chemical sciences

04 – Earth Sciences

05 – Biological Sciences

06 – Medical sciences

07 – Agricultural and veterinary sciences

08 – Civil Engineering and Architecture

09 – Industrial and information engineering

10 – Ancient, philological-literary and historical-artistic sciences

11 – Historical, philosophical, pedagogical and psychological sciences

12 – Legal sciences

13 – Economic sciences and statistics

14 – Political and social sciences

Art.3 Application for admission

Interested parties must submit their applications, no later than 28 July 2023 under penalty of exclusion, following the instructions contained in Annex 2, taking care in advance to complete the application form – Annex A to this notice – in all its parts, and, in the case of a qualification required for admission obtained abroad for which equivalence must be requested, the form for submitting the request for equivalence – Annex A1 of this call notice. For the purposes of submitting the qualifications to be evaluated,

Annex B of this call notice may be printed and completed; for the purposes of submitting the curriculum vitae, Annex C of this call notice may be used. The application for admission, accompanied by all the documents outlined below, must be submitted exclusively by the ways described in Annex 2 from 13:00 on 26 June 2023. All candidates who have submitted their applications in accordance with the instructions contained in Annex 2 are admitted to the selection process subject to verification of the requirements set out in the notice. The Administration may therefore exclude candidates from the selection procedure at any time.

The Administration will also verify, ex officio, the truthfulness of the substitutive declarations of certification submitted by candidates. If the candidate intends to participate in the selection process for more than one doctoral course, they must submit separate applications and the relative documentation for each one. Applicants are advised that it is not guaranteed that they will be able to participate in the different selections for all the courses for which they have applied, given the possibility that the dates of the admission tests may coincide. Should this occur, the amount paid as participation fee will not be refunded in any case.

The payment of €20.00 as “participation fee”, required under penalty of exclusion from the procedure, must be made using the method indicated in Annex 2.

Under no circumstances will the above-mentioned contribution be refunded.

In the application for admission – Annex A – the applicant for admission to the PhD programme must declare under his/her own responsibility, pursuant to Articles 46 and 47 of Presidential Decree 445/2000: 1. personal details, date and place of birth, residence and elected domicile for the purposes of the selective procedure (specifying postal code), as well as telephone number and e-mail or PEC address, with an express undertaking to send prompt notification of any changes.

As regards foreign EU and non-EU citizens , they are requested to indicate an Italian address or their Embassy in Italy, chosen as their domicile; 2. indication of the exact name of each single the doctoral course and the title(s) of the scholarship topic for which they are applying for admission; 3. citizenship; 4. to possess adequate knowledge of the Italian language (only for EU or non-EU foreign citizens, in the event that they are not allowed to take the tests in a language other than Italian pursuant to the provisions of Annex 1);

5. to possess a master’s degree awarded pursuant to Ministerial Decree No. 270/2004, a specialist degree awarded pursuant to Ministerial Decree No. 509/1999, or a degree awarded in accordance with the regulations prior to the entry into force of Ministerial Decree No. 509/1999, which is required as an admission requirement pursuant to Article 2 of the present Call for applications and specified for each doctoral course in Annex 1, as well as the date the degree was awarded, the university that awarded it and the relative grade, or an indication of the degree for which equivalence is sought, if obtained from a foreign university;

6. the foreign language, the knowledge of which will be the subject of the language test during the interview (only for those who request to be interviewed in Italian, pursuant to the provisions of Annex 1);7. the language, other than Italian, in which the candidate wishes to be interviewed, in accordance with the provisions of Annex 1); 8. possible request to take part in the interview by videoconference, (this request may be granted at the discretion of the Selection Committee, in the light of the reasons given); 9. (only for those who meet the requirements for reserved posts) that they also meet the requirements to compete for a reserved post, indicating, accordingly, the requirement for the assignment of the same as specified in Annex 1 (e.g.: post reserved for candidates who graduated from foreign universities, post reserved for company employees);

10. (only for those who meet the requirements for supernumerary admission) to be a foreign national and recipient of a grant for any title awarded; 11. To be or not to be recognised as having a disability or a Specific Learning Disorder (please note that candidates recognised as having a disability pursuant to Law no. 104/1992 and subsequent amendments and additions, who in relation to their disability require specific support during the test, and candidates with Specific Learning Disorders pursuant to Law no. 170/2010, under penalty of forfeiture of the benefits requested, must declare in their application form the type of disability/disorder and the support needed to undertake the test, attaching the original or a certified copy of the appropriate form, and the aid required to take the test attaching, in the original or certified copy, appropriate documentation attesting to the recognition of their disability by the competent authorities.

Candidates with certified Specific Learning Disorders are granted an additional time equal to thirty per cent more than that defined for the admission tests for other candidates); 12. in the event that the Administration receives a reasoned request for access to the documents relating to the procedure and the candidate has the status of a counterinterested party, to allow a copy of the communication notifying the request for access to be sent electronically to the email address indicated in the application, pursuant to Article 3 of Presidential Decree 184/2006, and the possibility of submitting a reasoned objection to said request, also electronically, within ten days of receipt of the communication 13. to accept all the provisions contained in this notice. The application – Annex A – must be signed with a handwritten or digital signature, under penalty of exclusion.

Applicants must enclose with each application (in accordance with Annex 2): 1) Annex B, signed with a handwritten or digital signature under penalty of exclusion

2) Annex C, signed with a handwritten or digital signature under penalty of exclusion

3) photocopy of an identity document (required under Articles 46 and 47 of Presidential Decree 445/2000) 4) assessable qualifications, self-certified in Annex B, in relation to the doctoral course to which the candidate is applying for admission – see Annex 1 (e.g.: dissertation, publications, marks obtained in individual examinations for the course of the qualification awarded or in the process of being awarded, etc.), in accordance with the forms specified below under penalty of non- assessment:

a) a copy declared to be a true copy of the original using Annex B (limited to authorised persons, as specified in footnote 1 below); b) self-certification of possession of qualifications, made using Annex B (limited to authorised persons, as specified in footnote 1 at the end of this article); In the event that the candidate intends to self-certify the possession of the qualifications by producing the Curriculum Vitae, this must be accompanied by a declaration in lieu of certification or affidavit, made using Annex 2, in which it must be declared ‘that what is stated in the Curriculum Vitae corresponds to the truth’.

The mode of presentation referred to in point b) is not valid for certain titles (such as dissertations and publications) which presuppose, for the purposes of evaluation, the reading of their contents and, therefore, these titles must be produced according to the mode referred to in point a); c) For the qualifications to be assessed that are prepared in languages other than Italian, French, English, German, Spanish and Portuguese and any other languages expressly indicated in Annex 1, a translation must be attached, in Italian, certified as conforming to the foreign text, provided by the competent diplomatic or consular representation or by an official translator or, where permitted (as specified in footnote 1 below this article) provided by the candidate and declared to be conforming to the original text by means of a declaration in lieu of affidavit made by the candidate himself pursuant to art. 47 of Presidential Decree no. 445/2000, using Annex B.

5) qualification possessed, in accordance with the following forms:

– For candidates who obtained their qualifications in Italy:

– copy of the qualification declared conforming to the original drafted using Annex B, in accordance with articles 19 and 47 of D.P.R. 445/2000, or self-certification in the form of a declaration in lieu of certification drafted using Annex B, in accordance with art. 46, D.P.R. 445/2000, certifying possession of the qualification, required under art. 2 of this call for applications and better specified for each doctoral course in Annex 1, as an admission requirement (it should be noted that those who graduated from the University of Perugia may directly print the aforementioned self-certification from the SOL);

– For candidates who have obtained their qualifications abroad:

– a foreign second-cycle degree awarded at a foreign official higher education institution and giving access to the doctoral course, in the original or certified copy, which must be accompanied by • certificate issued by the competent university stating the examinations passed, credits and grades (transcript). Postsecondary studies (examinations and credits) completed can be attested by the ‘Diploma Supplement’, where adopted; • Documentation certifying the veracity of the foreign

qualification, i.e. verification certificates issued by the Italian ENIC-NARIC centre (CIMEA) or legalisation (such as the Hague Apostille where applicable); • Certificate of comparability of the foreign qualification issued by CIMEA-NARIC ITALIA or other ENIC/NARIC bodies or, alternatively, “Dichiarazione di valore” by the Italian Diplomatic or Consular Representation competent for the territory in the country where the qualification was

obtained; (see note 1 below) If the aforementioned documentation is not produced together with the application, the candidate may be admitted with reserve, on the understanding that, should they be successful, they will forfeit the right to be enrolled, due to the lack of the required qualification, if such documentation is not received by 7 December 2023 in order to allow the equivalence of the qualification to be verified.

Applicants are reminded to produce the RESEARCH DRAFT, if the application is submitted for doctoral courses that require it, in accordance with the provisions of Annex 1, taking care to comply with any specifications regarding the drafting of the RESEARCH DRAFT also set out in the aforementioned Annex 1. For the purposes of this selective procedure, published publications (including print excerpts) are eligible for evaluation, provided they are produced in accordance with the procedures set out in this article.

For publications printed in Italy before 2.9.2006 (the date of entry into force of the Regulation set out in Presidential Decree no. 252/2006), the obligations set out in Lieutenant’s Decree no. 660/1945 must have been fulfilled; if printed in Italy after this date, the legal deposit must have been made in accordance with Presidential Decree no. 252 of 3.5.2006.

Pursuant to Article 15 of Law 183/2011, public administrations cannot accept certificates issued by other public administrations.

No reference may be made to documents or publications submitted to this or other administrations, or to documents attached to another application to take part in another selective procedure. Applications and documents provided for in this Article that are not produced by the deadline and in accordance with the terms of this notice will not be considered. Any information or clarifications on how to apply can be requested from the Selective Procedures Office (telephone number 075/5856655 e-mail ).

The University Administration accepts no liability for the unavailability of the addressee or for the loss of communications due to the inaccurate indication of the address on the part of the candidate or due to failure or delay in communicating a change of address indicated in the application. The Administration accepts no liability for any misunderstandings relating to the transmission of the application in the manner set out in Annex 2.


 The amount of the doctoral grant is EUR 16,243.00, gross of social security charges, payable by the recipient. Grants may not be cumulated with other grants for any reason whatsoever, except with those conferred by national or foreign institutions for the purpose of supplementing the doctoral student’s research activities abroad. The grant is conferred at the beginning of the course programme.

Instalments are made monthly in arrears. While carrying out research activities abroad, the grant is increased by 50%, for no more than a total of twelve months, This period may be extended up to a maximum of eighteen months for doctoral programmes co-funded with foreign entities or for doctoral programmes activated through the conventions or the establishment of consortia with foreign universities or other entities.

Those who have already received a doctoral grant, even partially, may not receive it a second time. Grants have a total duration of at least three years and are renewed upon successful completion of the activity programme for each year.

If the grant is not renewed, i.e., if the doctoral student renounces it, the unused grant amount is reinvested in the funding of doctoral studies. In addition to the grant, the doctoral student is guaranteed a budget, appropriate to the type of doctoral course and in any case not less than ten per cent of the amount of the grant itself, financed from the budget resources available of the University or of any eventual financing entity.

The increase in the study abroad grant and budget does not apply to doctoral students from foreign countries who are recipients of grants or financial support under specific mobility programmes Fees for access and attendance of courses Doctoral students, both grant and non-grant recipients, are exempt from paying fees or contributions to the University. Doctoral students are however, required to pay the regional fee for the right to study and the stamp duty, totalling EUR 156.00. A student who is late in paying the regional tax for the right to study and any stamp duty in relation to the deadline shall pay a fixed surcharge of €70.00.

How to apply:

ONLINE APPLICATION PROCEDURES (ITALIAN AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE VERSIONS) 1) REGISTRATION ON G IF THE CANDIDATE IS ALREADY A STUDENT OF THIS ATHENAU, he/she may use the same username and password to submit the online application for the PhD: – by going to the following web page:

– by clicking ‘authentication’ – by entering the username and password it already has. IF THE CANDIDATE HAS NEVER BEEN A STUDENT AT THIS ATHENAU, he/she must register: – by going to the following web page:

– by clicking ‘register’ – proceeding to enter the data required in the username and password wizard. 2) PRINTING AND FILLING IN ANNEXES A, A1, B, C.

As a preliminary step, in order to correctly submit the application online, the candidate must print out Annex A and, if he/she holds a degree obtained abroad whose equivalence must be requested, Annex A1, which can be found on the same web page where the Call for Doctorates for the XXXIX cycle of Research Doctorates is published: :

Please note that in order to meet the peremptory deadline of 28 July 2023 for the submission of the application and related documents, the online application procedure must be completed by 23:59 on 28 July 2023.

Applicants are invited to complete their application well in advance of the deadline of 28 July 2023. It is the responsibility of applicants to check that the procedure has been completed correctly. No complaints will be accepted for any malfunctioning of the computer system due to overloading experienced by applicants close to the deadline.

4) ANY DOCUMENTS IN ORIGINAL OR CERTIFIED COPY. Candidates in possession of a qualification obtained abroad who need to produce original documents or certified copies may enter the scanned documents in the online procedure and then proceed to submit, within the deadline prescribed by the Call, the original documents or certified copies in one of the following ways: – direct delivery at the front office of the Concierge’s Office of the Central Headquarters (Palazzo Murena) – P.zza Università, 1 – Perugia – during the days and hours of opening; – sent by registered mail with return advice of receipt to the Rector of this University, at the above address.

ALL CANDIDATES ARE REMINDED If the candidate intends to participate in the selection process for several doctorate courses, they must submit separate applications and related documentation for each of these. There is no guarantee that the applicant can participate in the different selections for all the courses applied for, given the probability that the dates of the admission tests may coincide. If this happens, in any case, the participation fee will not be refunded.

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